Monday, 2 March 2015

You're invited to #NickJrBlaze and the Monster Machines Twitter party on Friday 5 March!

My son Eddie loves parties. He's a true party animal. Imagine hid delight when I told him we were chosen to host a #NickJrBlaze and the Monster machines party on 5 March. Every morning he wakes up and asks eagerly if it's a Friday yet. Well, just a few days to go.
We have invited a few tearaways friends of Eddie to come to our party. There will be activities to do, a new show to watch at 4pm, prizes to give away.
Nick Jr Blaze and the Monster Machines party starts at 3.45pm on Friday. The party will be hosted by UKMumsTV as well as several bloggers.

We plan to watch a premiere of the new TV show and following that, do some educational STEM activities (science, technology, engineering and maths).
Keep an eye on the Twitter party - the hashtag to follow is #NickJrBlaze
You will get a chance of winning some lovely prizes. So mark the date in your calendar, head over to @ukmumstv and @NickJrUK on Twitter, watch the premiere of Blaze and the Monster Machines at 4p on Nick Jr and tell what you think using #NickJrBlaze.
Throughout the two hour party there will be prizes given away.
As a host, I also have a prize to give away, so head over to @maximka25

Disclosure: we received a big parcel with party bags and activities for the party.

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