Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Do you want to build... a cupcake?

Do you want to bake some cupcakes?
It doesn't have to be the cupcakes...

Frozen cupcakes

Eddie and I had a quick baking-singalong session today. I ventured into the 99p shop the other day, looking for some plant supports, and a Frozen cupcake kit has found its way into my shopping basket. We're all big fans of Frozen, despite me being the only girl in the house.

So, what do we get in a box? A small pouch of icing sugar, a bag of cake mix and edible decorations as well as cupcake cases.
I added 1 medium egg, zest of 1 orange, 50ml of milk and 2tbsp of melted butter to the cake mix, and Eddie mixed all the ingredients enthusiastically.

12 minutes in the oven, and the mini cupcakes were ready. We didn't wait for too long before decorating them. They were still warm, when Eddie spooned the icing over them (mixed with the lemon juice) and added the edible image transfers with Frozen characters.

Ta-da, Mummy!

Eddie pronounced them to be delicious. Sasha gobbled a couple but peeled the decorations off (well, he's a teenager now and has a full right to "disapprove" of kiddie stuff). With a few additional ingredients, I think the cupcakes were actually pretty good, for a princely sum of 99p.

Eddie was very proud of his baked goodies, and I tend to agree with him, he did a great job.


  1. thank you so much Galina for the lovely comments at my side.. in fact i was missing bloggy fellows and friends too much.. I am so loving your beautifully baked cupcakes :) nice

  2. Well done Eddie, they look fantastic xx