Sunday, 29 March 2015

Eiffel Tower 3D Puzzle (Ravensburger)

Ravensburger puzzle
Eiffel Tower 3D puzzle
When the last piece of puzzle is slotted into its place, the feeling of satisfaction is quite overwhelming. 3D Ravensburger puzzles are well known for being challenging and exciting. Our house already has a few of the 3d iconic buildings' puzzles decorating the book shelves (we have the Collosseum, Big Ben and Taj Mahal), and I was mighty pleased when the Eiffel Tower 3d puzzle arrived for reviewing.
The puzzle comes in a sturdy box, complete with the puzzle pieces and instructions.

The Eiffel Tower puzzle follows the 3d jigsaw concept, typical of Ravensburger, and uses the latest puzzle technology. There are 216 high quality plastic pieces, which you slot together, as you build your landmark.
Each piece has a number printed in the back, as well as a little arrow showing the direction where the next piece should be attached. It's all pretty straightforward, you sort the pieces into tens to make the assembly go faster. The first two levels were easy to assemble.

But I did struggle a bit with the third narrow part of the tower, as pieces kept falling out.
Once assembled, the tower measures 44cm. You place it on a sturdy cardboard platform.
Now our Eiffel Tower is standing on the book shelf next to Big Ben. It's a beautiful 3d puzzle, and will make a great gift for any puzzle lover.

There is also another version of the puzzle available, Ravensburger Eiffel Tower by Night. It looks absolutely amazing, with different light settings.
But our day version looks spectacular as well, with great attention to detail.
I have never been brave enough to climb the tower, as I suffer from vertigo badly. Last time I climbed St Peter's in Vatican, I swore to myself that I would never subject myself to this horror again. I prefer to admire the Eiffel Tower from afar, and having a small, personal version of it at the safety of my home is even better.
Have you visited the Eiffel Tower?

Disclosure: I received the puzzle for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are mine.

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