Friday, 20 March 2015

Scooby Doo Mystery Mansion playset

Scooby Doo, a playful and cheerful Great Dane with a great personality, and his best pal Shaggy are forever getting into trouble, aren't they? What, with all the aliens and zombies, vampries and ghouls, ghosts and monsters, they are always trying to escape the deadly situations. They also often find themselves in mysterious and rather scary locations. Scooby Doo Mystery Mansion playset from Character Online has lots of spooky features that would keep the big dog on his toes.

My younger son Eddie loves Scooby Doo, and was thrilled to play with the Mystery Mansion. He couldn't wait for me to unpack the box. A word of warning, you will need a screwdriver with a small head to unscrew the packaging. For some reason I always struggle with that, maybe because I'm in a hurry, as there's my son standing next to me, asking when I will be able to give him the toy to play with. Oh pressure, pressure!

The playset is aimed for children 3+. Eddie is nearly 5, and he absolutely loved it. And it's not just my little man. When we had a Twitter party a couple of weeks ago, our guests made a beeline for the Mystery Mansion as soon as they arrived.

Of course, Eddie being Eddie, he mixes his characters and toys, so the Mystery Mansion has been immediately turned into a house for Ninja Turtles. Well, why couldn't Ninja Turtles visit the same house as Scooby Doo?! There's safety in numbers, after all.

The actual playset comes with a figure of Scooby Doo himself. His limbs can be moved. Take your Scooby Doo on an adventure in the scary mansion. And beware of the traps!
Stepping on a loose step at the porch opens the doors bang-open. Walk up the stairs, and the understairs door opens to show a scary clown (I don't like clowns, they make me shudder). The button on the floor opens a trap with green ghoulish hands trying to get you.

And then there's a swinging chandelier and a cannon. The missiles go pretty far, so don't stand in the way.

This playset would make a super gift for any Scooby Doo fan. It is quite slim, so doesn't take much of a storage space, and it certainly is great fun to play with. Just ask my son!

Disclosure: we received a playset for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions and enthusiasm are our own. :)


  1. That looks like so much fun! Its amazing Scooby Doo is still going after all these years. I still as a 30 something year old adult still watch it if its on TV :)

  2. This looks like a really good toy that would provide hours of fun.


  3. Looks great fun, Lara has just asked for one to be added to her wish list!