Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Black Farmer Sweet Mature Cheddar

The Black Farmer sausages of the legendary fame are appreciated in many meat-loving families throughout the UK. But did you know that this super brand has launched a new cheese?
Black Farmer Sweet Mature Cheddar is a welcome addition to the tasty range.

This cheese has been traditionally handmade in the West Country, and promises "the strength you would expect from mature Cheddar but with real depth of flavour and a delicious, sweet finish".
The Black Farmer Sweet Mature Cheddar uses 100% British milk. It is currently available in selected Asda stores in 400g blocks (at £3).

We are rather fond of a mature Cheddar. My younger son used to nibble on strong cheese as a mere tot. I'm glad to say, at 5 he is still enjoying cheese as much.
We all thought Sweet Mature Cheddar was delicious, both as nibbles with grapes and figs and oatcakes, and in sandwiches too (like a sandwich below, with Cheddar, cold beef, mustard and rocket).

I imagine it would be a good choice for a Ploughman's lunch, served with little pearly pickled onions and apple chutney, or onion marmalade.

I also made a small batch of cheese straws with this cheese.
You will need 100g self-raising flour, 50g grated Cheddar, 50g margarine, an egg yolk, a good pinch of salt and paprika. Mix well, roll the dough on a flour-dusted surface, cut into sticks about 10cm in length and 1cm in width. Bake on a tray, covered with foil, for 12-14 minutes at 180C.
For an extra crunchy texture, dip the unbaked sticks into a beaten egg yolk and then sesame seeds. I didn't have any sesame seeds left, so mine are just plain.
They are quick and easy to make.

We enjoyed The Black Farmer Sweet Mature Cheddar, and hope that this foray in the dairy won't stop with one kind of cheese.

Disclosure: I received a block of cheese for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are mine.


  1. I hadn't realised they did cheese, will have to look out for it. Loving your cheese straws

    1. Thank you Alison! It's a new addition to the range.