Wednesday, 2 March 2016

#OutAndAbout February Round-Up

The winter is over, not that it was very wintery, at least not here, in Oxfordshire. We did have a few frosty nights, but no snow, which Eddie and I moaned about. We didn't have a chance to build a snowman, now onwards and upwards to a new winter with hopefully a bit of snow. The spring has been creeping upon us for a long time, with spring flowers appearing back in January. My garden is like a carpet of snowdrops, crocuses and primroses at the moment.
What have our bloggers been up to in the last month?
Jane from Onions and Paper chose to spend a day at the Waitrose Cookery School. Her friends have given her a voucher as a present for her birthday and she decided to attend a Feast From The Middle East course. Judging by the splendid meals she learnt to cook, it was a creative and inspiring event. I'd love to do a similar course one day.
And here is a drool-worthy photo of Harissa baked bream served on a bed of feta, bulghur and cous cous tabbouleh with a tahini and lemon drizzle and tzatziki.

Image credits: Onions and Paper

Anca from Anca's Lifestyle blog has set herself a task to visit a local farm each month and write about it.
Last month she went with her husband to Yew Tree Farm, which is a farm shop established in 1981. You shop in the 17th C converted hay barn, how fab is that! It is full of character, with its high ceilings and old beams. Having explored the shop, Anca plans to return for more foodie finds.

Photo credits: Anca's Lifestyle

Zoe from Splodz Blogz had great fun in Orlando. This is a world known destination, especially for families. As Zoe says it's somewhere that Mums and Dads save up for years to take their kids while they are still into fairies, princesses, superheroes and singing cartoon characters. Zoe, on the other hand, shows that you can have as much fun without kids. Her blog post reminded me of our visit to Orlando many years ago (before our kids were born). We spent our first American Christmas in Orlando, staying with my husband's distant family, and of course, we had to visit the theme park.

Image credits: Zoe Blogz
Zoe has also been Snorkelling with sharks. It's funny how one's idea of fun is another one's idea of hell. I wouldn't want to swim with the sharks for any money in the world, but look at brave Zoe, she's having a whale of a time (or should that be a shark of a time?). If you fancy doing the same, visit Zoe's blog post to find out the details.

Zoe's selfie - photo credits: Splodz Blogz

Cheryl from Madhouse Family Reviews is one lucky lady, as there is a wide choice of free days out where they live. This time they explored an educational farm called La Ferme Vernaelde. They met friendly donkeys as well as saw the pigs, ponies, bunnies etc. They have also stumbled upon a WWII bunker.

Image credits: Madhouse Family Reviews
Busy Madhouse Family Review-ers were also very lucky to attend a Dunkirk Carnival, and what a colourful event it happened to be. The Carnival goes on for about two months with "bandes" every Sunday afternoon. I wish our local town was as enthusiastic. The pinnacle of the celebrations is Les Trois Joyeuses (The Three Joyful Ones) which are the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of Mardi Gras.

Image credits: Madhouse Family Reviews
Have you been out and about recently?

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