Friday, 11 March 2016

Peppa Pig Holiday Sunshine Villa

Peppa pig fans, rejoice! A new range of Peppa Pig Holiday toys has been released. We were lucky to get our mitts on a Peppa Pig Holiday Sunshine Villa from Character Online. If you are a fan of this super cheeky piggy and her family, you must know just how much they enjoy going on holidays. Who can forget their adventures in Italy and Daddy Pig's terrible driving technique? Now you can recreate your favourite episodes at home. 

Peppa Pig Holiday Sunshine Villa (£29.99) is a super playset. It comes as a carry-along case: just open it and reveal four rooms inside including a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and sitting-room.
It comes with a lot of accessories - mini figures of Peppa and George as well as pieces of furniture like a double-decker bunk bed with a ladder, stairs, a shower cubicle and outdoor furniture including a deck chair, a sun lounger and more.

The villa is colourful and cheerful. My younger son asked though"Where is the door?"

Eddie enjoyed playing with the set, but we found it a bit unsteady. It is easily toppled over, maybe a support of some kind would have been a good idea. The stairs on the side move a bit as well, since they are not attached to the house.

It is lovely for pretend play, which my son is very good at. He has a great imagination, and also can be quite mischievous. For example, he put little George inside the BBQ, saying it's his hiding place, while I was "horrified" at the idea, telling him we don't want to grill poor piglet.

New collection of Peppa Pig Holiday toys at Character Online includes the following toys:
Holiday Grandpa Pig's Holiday Boat (£19.99);
Holiday Time Splash Speedboat (£14.99)
Holiday Time Ice Cream Van (£14.99)
Air Peppa Holiday Jet (£19.99)
Holiday Campervan Playset - £29.99 (and now I'm signing to myself - "We're going on a holiday in a camper van!"

Disclosure: We received the toy set for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are Eddie's and mine.

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  1. Aw we all adore Peppa! Looks like a lovely, fun set.