Thursday, 10 March 2016

Eddie's Lego house for Spring Dream Homes project

We love Lego in this house. If anything, Lego takes over our house, we've got Lego minifigures and sets in every room, in the summer house and we even take some Lego with us when going on holidays. Each time I hoover the floors, I need to empty the tank and sift carefully through the dust, just in case some Lego bits got in. Needless to say, when Eddie and I were asked to take part in the Spring Dream Homes project (involving Lego construction) set up by Ocean Loans, what could an answer be but Yes, of course we'd love to.

With the spring moving on towards the Easter break, when many families will be busy with DIY projects in the house and the garden, what could be a better timing for getting involved in a creative project.
Come Easter, I need to do some serious spring clean in the garden, and our greenhouse needs repairs too, as it was badly damaged during the storms in January. My dream would be to re-build a new greenhouse, bigger and sturdier, but that would have to wait.
We received a Lego Creative Building Box and a Green baseplate to work with. We were also allowed to add our own bits and bobs, and were challenged to put our skills to the test by building our dream home.
As Eddie's and my ideas of what an ideal home might look like are completely different, I let him get on with the project. My hands were itching to join in and build some bits of the house, but he asked me not to interfere help.
If you read my blog even occasionally, you might know that my younger son loves all things Superheroes, Ninja Turtles, Star Wars etc, so we have a lot of Lego sets along those themes. Our Lego sets rarely survive as complete. My "creative genius" of a son usually is quite cavalier about his Lego, and mixes everything up, so you'll find emergency vehicles like Police vans or Ambulances sporting Ninjago or Star Wars paraphernalia.
It was inevitable that Eddie's dream house would be built along the same lines.
It might not be everyone's idea of a dream home, but it definitely reflects his personality and tastes.

His dream home is colourful and a mix of a house, a castle and a fire station. And of course, Spiderman might be lurking there as well.

Eddie's creation made me think that our house with all its contents is also very eclectic, it's a combination of vintage and modern.

And since we are talking about Eddie's dream home, then the Ninjago flag doesn't look out of place, does it?!

Disclosure: We received a Lego set for the purposes of taking part in a creative project. All opinions are Eddie's and mine.


  1. Well done Eddie - that's brilliant ! :)

    1. Thank you Cheryl, he has demolished it already and is working on a new "project"

  2. Looks like a great house, very creative. I love Spiderman at the window! LEGO is just brilliant, the perfect toy as ever.

    1. Thank you Leta! We do love Lego in this house, as our stash is forever expanding, we'll need to more to a bigger house, lol