Saturday, 19 March 2016

Photo diary: week 11, 366

Another week has whizzed by, not the best in our lives. Eddie was jolly and happy all Sunday, we even went to the cinema to see Kung Fu Panda 3 which we both enjoyed. The only snap I took that day was this smudgy picture on my mobile, taken in the cinema foyer.

 ...then the next morning Eddie woke up very lethargic, and when he didn't even want to watch TV in the morning before school, I knew he was unwell. I decided to watch him and keep at home. He later had a very high temperature, so my worries were confirmed. I didn't venture beyond the garden, and this crocus has caught my eye.

Last autumn Mum planted a few hyacinths in our garden, and this bright blue flower is like a greeting from her.

On Wednesday Eddie was still at home, though mostly recovered and quite restless for being cooped up at home for a few days. I baked some cheese straws with Cheddar and paprika.

My older son turned 14 on Thursday. I sent him to school with a big Batman vs Superman cake along with some sweets and chocolates, but also wanted to bake a cake for us at home. He is rather fond of a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and absolutely loves jelly bellies, so his birthday cake just that - a carrot cake with jelly bellies.

The Moon on Thursday was seen so clearly that I managed to capture its "spots" quite well, even with my camera, without any telescopic abilities and gizmos. (Posting two photos done on Thursday, as on Friday I went to a funeral service of my dear friend, and I wasn't in the mood to take any photos on that sad day).

Today we all popped into our usual Costa for a cup of latte (for the grown-ups) and cakes with soft drinks for boys. Then off we went different ways, Eddie and I to do grocery shopping, having a peek at some soft toys in a gift shop on the way. Eddie gave a hug to a soft Po toy, but I didn't buy it. Our house is overflowing with soft toys as it is. (And Po looks a bit deranged in a soft toy presentation, don't you think?!).

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  1. That carrot cake would make the birthday cake for me - looks amazing! Hope all better now x

  2. Glad that Eddie is feeling better. That hyacinth is a gorgeous colour. Love the carrot cake, great decoration :)