Monday, 8 December 2014

Trim your tum for Christmas with LighterLife Fast

The festive season has started with numerous parties, and some of us would love to shift a few pounds to trim our tum for that new party dress. My personal favourites for boosting metabolism - which helps with a diet - are a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and adding sauerkraut to your diet.
Earlier this year I have tested a range of LighterLife Fast range of foods, and I do remember at that time I said I wish the range was more varied. So, I was pleased to find out that the range has indeed been expanded to include new foods and drinks.
If you haven't heard of LighterLife Fast, this is a range of diet products sold at Superdrug, which helps to keep track of just how many calories exactly you consume on fast days. Instead of weighing and calculating the calories in each meal, you have products which deliver nutrition for fast days, and especially the 5:2 diet. It is convenient, as you have all the meals in packets, so no fuss and hassle. The packs are easy to use.
I am the only one in the house who is ever going on a diet, and my guys are all fussy eaters. Sometimes I feel like I own a restaurant as I prepare several different meals to please my men. Cooking a 4th meal for myself is not a very exciting idea, that's why on fast days I am content with a pre-cooked meal from a packet. I have tried quite a few different brands and ranges, not just LighterLife Fast. One day I will do a post about all my experiments, I keep promising myself I'd do it, and have enough photos and note book entries to write it up, if only I had more time.

I have tried two new products from the range: LighterLife Fast Pink Grapefruit drink mix and LighterLife Fast Curry pack.

LighterLife Fast Pink Grapefruit drink mix comes in a box of 10 sachets, and is easily mixed with water to produce 1 litre of drink. I actually mix it in 500ml of water first in a bottle, then dilute it more with water in a glass (50/50).
It tastes really lovely, very refreshing and citrussy. Both my husband and I enjoyed it.
Pros: it is sugar free and fat free, and you can use it as a calorie-free extra on your fast days in addition to the Fastpacks (if you use them), or as a calorie-free drink with your usual meals.
The mix doesn't dissolve entirely if you top it up with cold water straight. What you can do to avoid it getting clumpy at the bottom is to add a small amount of hot water first, once the mix is dissolved, top up with cold water.

LighterLife Fast Curry pack is another new addition to the range. There are four sachets in the box, which you mix with the hot water and cook in the microwave or on the hob.
Typically I have a curry with rice, but as the purpose of eating this meal is to fast, I couldn't have rice as a side dish. The flavours are all there, but to be honest, I did miss rice. Actually it would be misleading to say there is no rice, it is there, but at 9% you hardly notice it.
Texture-wise, it is quite creamy and more like a thick paste. It is spicy but not too hot.
LighterLife Fast suggests sprinkling fresh coriander on top of the curry, and I think that is a good idea. Or add a few cucumber slices or sticks (cucumber is only 15 calories per 100g).

There are 17 products in the range, and hopefully there will be more. As someone who is not keen on diet shakes, I would like to see more variety of meals like several kinds of soups, cereals and vegetable dishes.

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Disclosure: I received two new products from the range for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are mine. I am not paid to endorse anything.

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  1. very nice review dear :) i am loving the grape fruit drink mix sachay most :) my fav fruit ever ;)