Friday, 19 December 2014

Have a Nibbly Christmas with NibNibs (review + Giveaway c/d 6 January 2015)

Party time = snacking time. You couldn't have a party without nibbles, could you?! Crisps, nuts, cheese and crackers, and all kinds of the other savoury snacks... My family enjoys snacks of all kinds, and we typically have a choice of sweet and savoury nibbles at home.
I have seen NibNibs mentioned online, in blog posts and on Instagram, but haven't tried them until recently, when I received a selection of premium snacks for reviewing.
This award winning range of snacks is made in North Yorkshire. And let me tell you, they are dangerously addictive. If you'd like a chance to try them yourselves, see the end of my review and enter a giveaway to win a selection of NibNibs.

NibNibs mention on their site that they "are passionate about nibbling and love creating moreish quality snacks that are full of the very best of everything". Having sampled a few flavours from their range, I agree - the snacks are very moreish indeed.

Mini Nibs come in such enticing flavours as Exceptional Cheddar Cheese straws, Exceptional Cheddar & Spicy Chilli and Exceptional Cheddar  Cheeky Onion Straws. The tubs are sealed with a pull-back foil lid for freshness, but are resealable with a plastic lid too (that is, if you have any left in the tub).
The ingredients are locally sourced, there is a wheat flour from Yorkshire Mills, mature British Cheddar and British butter. The snacks themselves are hand crafted in Britain.
The mini snacks are packed full of flavour. You get a strong taste of Cheddar, onion and a very good bite of chilli. The Chilli-flavoured nibbles look innocent enough, but eat one, and oh, there's a real mighty kick of heat.

Exceptional Cheddar Cheese Straws are butter and cheese pastry straws. Great for dipping into a salsa, guacamole or whichever dip you prefer.
I liked the packaging of all NibNibs' range - colourful, bright and cheerful.
I haven't found them locally yet, but will surely buy them, once they arrive to our parts.

Just today I popped in to a parents' club at my older son's school for a quick hour to see the other Mums before Christmas holidays, and all the ladies were sitting around the table, chatting and nibbling. I'm sure NibNibs would have been a big hit with my lovely friends, if only I had any left. My guys have gobbled up my NibNibs stash very quickly. And I will surely be on the lookout for buying more of these savoury snacks. They're very addictive.

To win a selection of NibNibs (see the prize below), please enter via the Rafflecopter gadget.

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The giveaway ends on 6 January 2015.
It is open to the UK residents only.
Please keep in mind that I am only hosting the giveaway gadget, and it will be the representative of NibNibs who will pick a winner and get in touch with them. I am in no way responsible for choosing a winner or sending a prize.

Disclosure: I received a selection of NibNibs for the purposes of reviewing.
And just to clarify, I am not paid for hosting a giveaway.

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