Monday, 8 December 2014

Have yourself a Half-Shell Heroes Christmas!

Funnily enough it was my son Eddie who got our first Christmas card of the season, and he is mightily proud of that. Not only he beats us in receiving his first festive card, it shows his favourite characters - Half-Shell Heroes aka Ninja Turtles.

Eddie was very excited to open an envelope addressed to him, and whopped with joy to discover a small-sized box with a Christmas tree bauble which contained one of the ninja turtles.
The Half-Shell Heroes is a new range of toys, aimed at the younger children. This is the latest collection from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, colourful and entertaining. These chunky mini-characters are perfect for little hands.
Now that my son has discovered a new range, his wish list for Santa has doubled, as he wants all of the figurines and vehicles.

At the weekend we set up our Christmas tree, and lovingly decorated it with all our ornaments, some going back to my childhood and kept safe by my Mum, some made by my boys at school and nursery, so it's all a bit of a mish-mash, Nothing like the glamorous trees set up by the big windows by some of our sophisticated neighbours - clearly for everyone to admire in the neighbourhood - with the stylish colour scheme, like black and white or classic green, red and gold. Yet give me our tree any time over the posh trees with their limited palette. Ours is a splash of colours and textures (felt, glass, plastic, dried fruit, crystal etc), full of sentimental mementos and trinkets. As Eddie said "Mummy, our tree is the bestest in the whole wide world", and I quite agree with him.

Christmas tree decorations

Ninja turtle toy in a see-through plastic bauble fis perfectly among the branches, laden with ornaments.

Christmas decorations

It is the 8th day of advent competitions, and by now, I am a bit sick of them have lost my enthusiasm already. Not winning anything doesn't help of course (if you don't count a bubbly mini-Santa from M&S which probably everyone got). Yet there is one advent competition which I plan to enter religiously every day, as the prizes it offers would make my little man simply ecstatic. This is of course, Half-Shell Heroes Advent Calendar as seen on Evolution Comps. Fingers and toes crossed, Eddie and I will be lucky.
If your little people love Ninja Turtles, head on over for your chance to win. There is a new prize every day.
Good luck!

Disclosure: we received a Christmas card and a Half-Shell Heroes bauble for the purposes of mentioning the new range and Evolution competition on my blog. All opinions are mine, and Eddie's of course.

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  1. o wow you son is looking so cute <3 seems like you have done so well for the christmas.. wow prep :)