Friday, 31 August 2012

A pretty Quakeress cake

Why a Pretty Quakeress? This cake is baked with Quaker Oats, hence the name.

150g Quaker oats, finely ground
160g granulated sugar
120g self-raising flour
2 eggs
1 medium Granny Smith apple
1 medium carrot
150g yogurt
2 bags of flavoured redbush tea (I used Charbrew Tropical rooibos flavour)
1/2 tsp cinnamon
2 tbsp melted butter

For the sauce:
200g blackcurrants
80g sugar
1 tsp strawberry jam

Start with adding the Quaker Oats to the coffee grinder and grind them until they are finely ground.
Make a cup of tea with 2 teabags of the redbush tea, leave it to cool.
In a big mixing bowl grate 1 apple and 1 carrot, add flour, ground oats, eggs, cinnamon, sugar, melted butter, about 1/3 cup of tea and yogurt.
Preheat the oven to 180C. Pour the cake mix in a buttered cake spring form. Place in the oven for about 50 minutes +. Check with a wooden skewer if it's ready. Once the cake is done, take it out of the oven, and out of the spring form. Dust with the icing sugar.
You can eat it hot ot cold.

For the sauce: pour 2/3 mug of tea in a small pan, add the sugar, let it boil and slightly reduce before adding fresh black currants and a spoonful of the strawberry jam. Cook for about 5 minutes.

To serve the cake, pour a few spoons of the sauce over a slice of cake.

And here it is, a Pretty Quakeress.


  1. ooh that sounds lovely & moist...I love berries with cake, have bookmarked it to try it out! thanks for linking up x

  2. interesting cake! I've been playing around with parkins lately and have really gotten attached to oat cakes

  3. Mmmm that does look really nice and delicious . I do like the taste of oats x

  4. sounds that bit different, will need to try this

  5. I've never made anything like this - sounds really good. I really don't like rooibos though - do you think it'd work with Earl Grey?

  6. Thank you all! Emily, I am sure it will work with Earl Grey, it's just the Tropical Rooibos has some spices in it including the pink peppercorn, and I enjoy rooibos tea anyway. Maybe a rose petal tea would be also a good substitute, do you like it?
    Toby, parkin is lovely, but I never made my own, only tried the varieties in coffee shops.

  7. That looks nice, will have to give it a go.

  8. That sounds really yummy - will have to try this one.

  9. Sounds lovely! I get so little time for baking but love home made cakes. I just like to have a pretty good idea that the cake will be enjoyed! I like all the ingredients but would love a bit more info.Could someone describe the flavour and texture of the cake?

  10. Hi Woody! As I don't know what kind of cakes you enjoy, it is a bit tricky to guess if you'd like it. It is not as moist as the carrot cake where you would use lots of carrots, that is why I thought the sauce was a good idea. If you have time, have a look at my Semolina carrot cake (search the labels for semolina) which I baked on many occasions and which is usually demilished very quickly. It is also using less ingredients. A few people asked me by email if they substitute the rooibos tea as they don't like it. I do not see why not? The flavour of the cake is quite delicate. Do let me know please if you decide to bake it and whatbyou thought of it.

  11. Gosh, should have checked what I wrote before publishing it. I meant demolished. And if they could substitute it. Plus what you thought of it. I use the ipad now, and the screen is too small.

  12. Thanks for the recipe, I have a huge box of Quakers Oats left over from son's cookery lessons at school and this cake would be a perfect way of using them up, looks delicious

  13. Oooh I like the look of this. Would you like to move in with me for a while and bake lots of cakes ?!! lol

  14. This looks amazing! I will give it a go :)

  15. Cheryl, you are always invited to my place! As for moving in, I don't think my guys will cope without me even for a day. :)

  16. have printed this off for son to bake (hes a chef)

  17. hi there, I live oats in various forms, porridge, flapjacks, oatcakes. They are definitely my favourite grain. So I am very happy to discover this cake. Looks yummy, and will give it a go with a blackberry syrup! thanks joanna x

  18. That looks like a lovely cake.

  19. What an unusual recipe. Looks really nice too.

  20. Nice combination of ingredients and it looks delicious too :)

  21. Lovely recipe idea! I always have loads of oats in the cupboard, as the kids love porridge on colder morning and they love to make Flap Jack too. This would be a lovely change so might give it a go at the weekend when the kids are off!

    1. I love them added to crumbles, and of course, in chewy cookies.