Monday, 20 August 2012

Two-year-old's busy life

And you thought your life is busy? When you are two, you are constantly on the move.
Eddie is a very active boy, he hardly ever sits still. So many things to do, so many toys to play with.

There are lots of cars to play racing games with. We have quite a collection, which we built over the years, starting with the times when Sasha was a little boy. Now that Eddie inherited his older brothers' toys, they keep him entertained for long chunks of time.

He loves his crayons and pencils as well. Colouring is such a fun creative activity. I am amazed at his dexterity and patience. A perfect time for me to do a bit of blogging, when Eddie is sitting quietly next to me, absorbed in his creative process.

Puzzles are another of our favourites. You think he might be just putting the pieces together. But in fact he is developing his critical thinking skills, motor skills and problem solving abilities.

And what about playing outdoors? Jumping on the trampoline is so much fun. You feel like flying in the air. Simple pleasures of life.


Books. Who doesn't love them? Peppa pig, Elmer the patchwork elephant, Kipper the dog are our family, we keep discovering new stories and following new adventures.

And of course, there is an ipad (when the big brother is not watching that Eddie has taken his ipad yet again). With so many ipad apps for preschoolers it's not easy to keep up. Right now we're enjoying Peppa Pig's Sports day.

Teddies, the last time I counted, we had 27 of them, of different sizes and ages, including one that belonged to Eddie's Dad when he was a child. We love teddies. The most huggable material in the world.

But if you ask Eddie what his favourite toy is he will tell you - Pandanka.

Pandanka is Eddie's name for a little panda from Trudi/John Crane Toys. It truly is softest of soft touches. Totally adorable and small enough to carry around.

First thing in the morning, when Eddie wakes up, he is looking around and asks "Pandanka sleeping?" We have to take it with us when we are out and about.

And just before going to bed, Eddie wraps his beloved Pandanka in a small blanket and wishes it Night-Night. As Pandanka moves around the house, there is often a frantic search before bedtime to try and find her, and being cheeky, she likes to hide.

Trudi's animals are realistic and lifelike children's cuddly toys.
"High density fur fabric is used for each piece of the toy ensuring that the fabric backing never shows through, and special fabrics are sought to match the real-life animal as much as possible. Also each toy is double stitched to ensure durability and longevity. Every toy is hand finished to create a unique expression on each and every animal face."

Trudi is a well known Italian toy company, much loved by both children and adults. It has been spreading cuddles, love and happiness for over 50 years. Trudi toys are perfect for make-believe games, which are so important in a child's development. Role playing games with soft toys allow young children to explore adult roles and relationships.
If you observe children during role playing games, you will find out a lot about a child's psychological state, her idea (or a lack of) of gender roles, the interpretation of the world around us and children's perceptions of the family life. So much is revealed during the make-believe playing.

Our Pandanka has a wistful smile on her little face and kind eyes. She is a mini-Eddie, a cheeky little thing.
When you are 2, your life is one long role-playing game, full of joy and discoveries. And that's not even half of the activities we do on any given day. There is garden and all its joys of jumping in the puddles, watering the courtyard, picking the berries. Cooking together with Mum. Eating cakes and cookies. Learning all the time, making new discoveries every day.

When you are 2, you are not only a toyologist by nature, you are a micro- and macro-cosmologist, sociologist, neologist and also chaologist, to name but a few activities.

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