Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Have you "bean" converted? (Kenco Millicano Caff Free)

I've just had my cup of coffee and started washing the dishes, singing to myself "Hey Kenco, Kenco Millicano", when my husband entered the kitchen and laughed at me "Are you sure it was a decaf coffee that you had, and not an Irish coffee?"
Since we bought a DeLonghi coffee maker last year, I confess I stopped buying instant coffee. My husband makes a mean cup of coffee, and I keep telling him if he were to lose his current job, he could always find employment as a barista.
I do love a cup of espresso in the morning, but if I have any regular coffee after lunch, a sleepless night is guaranteed.
I remember the days when my husband's Nonna Elsa was still alive. She lived in a granny flat in my in-laws' house, and when we visited them, she would always invite us for a cup of espresso. She would open the door of her flat, and shout down the stairs "Cicci" (Cicci was her endearing nickname for her daughter), meaning that the coffee was ready and we should all come and join her. She served the coffee in dainty cups the size of thimbles. To be honest, I found that coffee way too strong, it was like a rocket fuel, bitter and slightly lethal, I could almost launch into the open space after a sip. But then I was much younger and long nights were part of our life.
But I am digressing. I have tried a couple of decaf coffees in the past, but they didn't impress me.

When I read the message that there is a possibility of reviewing Kenco Millicano Caff Free, I immediately applied. When we have guests for lunch or dinner and they have a cup of coffee, I usually make myself a cup of herbal tea, but the smell of coffee is very alluring.

I have to agree with Kenco when they say "Until now, the ritual of enjoying a deliciously rich and ulifting cup of cofee ended at midday."

A big thumb up to Kenco for introducing a new Caff Free version of their Wholebean Instant Coffee.

I love my coffee with lots of milk (and a little treat too, in case you are wondering this is an Italian biscuit from Crosta & Mollica, called torcetti)

Kenco Millicano Caff Free comes in a smart silver tin. It has the same combination of instant coffee and finely-milled beans as the Kenco Millicano, with an added bonus that it is a decaf version (a bonus, of course, if like me, you have problems with sleep after taking a regular coffee).

Rebecca Dowse, senior brand manager for Kenco enthuses: "We're proud to have created the first-ever Caff Free Wholebean Instant Coffee that has a delicios and exquisite taste. We know that our coffee culture isn't just about the caffeine - but also about the taste and ritual - which is why we're so excited to offer KencoMillicano Caff Free as an alternative to caffeinated coffee".

Does it deliver what it promises? I enjoyed my cup of Kenco, it tasted exactly as I like it, not too bitter but flavoursome and aromatic. I tried it both with and without milk. It dissolves easily in the hot water and makes a smooth, almost silky cup of coffee.
I can easily see it becoming a part of my daily coffee intake.

I've "bean" converted. Now I can enjoy a cup of coffee in the afternoon and not worry about having a sleepless night.

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