Thursday, 23 August 2012

A palette of memories (Capture the Colour competition)

When it comes to photography, I am very much in the ranks of the amateurs. I take zillions of photos, as if trying to say "Stop, moment! You're so beautiful". I don't have a sophisticated camera, so don't expect any professional results.
Travel is running a photo competition, asking you to submit 5 photos that in your opinion represent the colours White, Blue, Red, Green and Yellow. You can find all about it here.

All the images I have chosen are about our trips to Cornwall, my favourite destination, and about my family, my Universe.

This photo was taken last July. I saw this fleck of white on the vast blue, and it reminded me of the famous poem by the Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov.

A sail gleams in foggy morning
A lonely stranger in the sea
What does it seek in country foreign,
What kind of trouble does it flee?

The waves are swelling, wind is whistling
The mast is bending with a creak
It isn't happiness it's seeking
And not the happiness it flees

The stream beneath as bright as azure
Above the Sun sends golden rays...
Rebellious it's seeking tempest
As if the storm will bring it rest.

(translation from Russian by M.Mostov)


These gorgeous blue hydrangeas caught my eye in one of the private gardens in Cornwall. There are so many hues and tints of blue, very Impressionist in spirit.


This is my son Sasha, admiring a statue in the same garden, where I took the photo of the hydrangeas. Sasha has autism, and is in the world of his own most of the time. The sun was so bright on that day that the lawn looked yellow. I call this image "Art appreciation", and it makes me smile every time I look at it.


This is Eddie in green, looking very determined, set on finding the new adventures on the beach in Perranuthnoe. Drops of sea water on his face from splashing. That's my boy.


This is one of my favourite photos of 2011, when Eddie was 1 year old. My Mum and Eddie are very much alike, they have the same personality and share the same stubborness. The red colour of Eddie's jumper is a bright spot among the calmer hues of green and blue.

I have seen some spectacular entries to the competition, and I do realise that indeed my photos are not in the same league, but they are meaningful to me, I cherish them as memories of the times we enjoyed together and for me they truly say "Stop, moment! You're so beautiful".

I would like to invite my blogging friends to take part in the competition.

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  1. Lovely photos. I love the yellow one, it is like an impressionist painting

  2. Thank you, Alison, I love it because I find it very amusing, Sasha giving a familiar hug to the statue.

  3. Gorgeous photo choices.. Thanks for tagging me! X

  4. Lovely photos galina, glad you had a go - I really enjoyed doing this challenge too, made me think about why each picture was special!

  5. I think these are lovely photos too, especially as they are all taken in Cornwall ;-) I liked the Russian sailing poem.

  6. Thank you, ladies! Sonya, hope you will have a chance to do the post. I'd love to see your photos.
    Fiona, thank you for the nudge which I needed, as I've been tagged earlier on in the competition by another blogger and then forgot about it.
    Choclette, all school children in Russia know this poem, as it is in the Russian literature curriculum. I thought this was a pretty good translation.