Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Thrifty ways with Next PJs

Vanity is a sin, perhaps pardonable when you are 2 years old. Eddie loves nice clothes, and I often smile at him, when he chooses an oufit to wear.

We have been buying sleepsuits from Next since Eddie's early days, they are very practical and cute. In the last two years we went through several sets of sleepsuits, as Eddie is growing fast.

Eddie went through a stage when he couldn't part with his wellies and tried to wear them everywhere including his bed.

The last set of 3 sleepsuits was bought over a year ago, and it is suitable for 18mos-2yrs. Alas, they were becoming too short. My Mum who stayed with us in July, came to the rescue.
As the sleepsuits themselves were still in a very good condition (and that is after numerous washes), it seemed a waste to get rid of them. I could have taken them to a charity shop, but the feet area on all sleepsuits was quite worn and patched up on many occasions.

Actually this is my only concern about them: I wish the feet area of the sleepsuits was reinforced. Children of this age are very active, and the feet area gets worn much faster than the rest of the sleepsuit. Ideally it should have some sort of the sock patch over the feet area, or a double layer (something to think about, Next?).
My super-thrifty Mum cut off the feet area, turned the bottom edge, and hemmed it. She was stitching by hand, as I don't have a sewing machine. And Eddie was ecstatic to have his fave PJs back.

Now we have a sleepsuit that will last longer. I wish I thought about it, when Eddie's older sleepsuits were getting too short for his legs.

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