Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A scoop of Cornwall (review)

We were very lucky to catch the only week of sunshine this summer, when we stayed in Cornwall. The weather started changing as the landscape was transforming from the grey rainy Cotswolds to the open panorama of Cornwall.

We rented a cottage in Perranuthnoe and enjoyed seven days of sun. Every day we headed to the beach before lunch and late in the afternoon. My boys were deliriously happy, they ran around, jumped in the sea, built sandcastles and felt free.

And every time on the way home from the beach we stopped by a small cafe and treated ourselves to a scoop of Kelly's of Cornwall ice cream.

Sasha always picked a Cornish vanilla, I love Chocolate, Eddie is happy with any flavour, while my husband prefers a Mint Choc Chip ice cream. There's nothing like enjoying an ice cream cone, when out and about. You have to eat fast, or the creamy treat will start dribbling down your hand and you will need to lick your fingers.

Back at home (and back to the rain too), I am trying to recreate the spirit of our holidays in Cornwall by serving the ice cream in cones. I often buy Kelly's of Cornwall Clotted cream ice cream, its rich creaminess works well with all kinds of berries and fruit salads. It is also great for making milkshakes.
Eddie loves it so much, he's ready to eat it using two spoons at the same time (maybe that's the right way to enjoy the ice cream, who knows).

I was recently asked to review a fruity flavour of Kelly's ice cream. I have picked a tub of the Clotted Cream & Strawberries from Waitrose.

First impressions? It looks very pretty. The colours are delicately pink, and if you buy Kelly's ice cream tubs, you know what it looks like when you open the tub (there are many lovely photos around the blogland of the bosom-like luxury).
I couldn't resist either (a disclaimer: adding strawberries was my idea).

It tastes very summery, the combination of cream and strawberries is a classic one, and it works perfectly. It is light and refreshing. It is not oversweet and has a pleasant aftertaste.

We all loved it. And it brings back happy memories of our holidays in Cornwall. We're already thinking of booking "our" cottage for the next summer.

Mmmm, which one to choose? Strawberry or Clotted cream? I think I'll have both.

There's another summery, fruity flavour available in the shops: Clotted Cream and Blackcurrants (which we haven't tried yet but if you are interested in the review of this product, I could re-direct you to the Queen of blog reviews, Madhouse Family Reviews blog and her excellent review).
What I like about Kelly's is their passion for ice cream. At Kelly's they truly care about the quality of the ingredients. They "only use milk from top Cornish farms which helps to support local farmers and ensure that you can enjoy the finest quality clotted cream ice cream, either out and about or from the comfort of your own home".

P.S. I received free vouchers for the tub of ice cream. All opinions are mine.


  1. Oh, there is something so special about Cornish clotted cream ice cream. Dreamy x.

  2. Thank you, Lesley, that's a good way of describing it. :)

  3. That looks very tasty and your holiday photos are lovely. I had many childhood holidays in Cornwall and have very happy memories.

  4. Oh so glad you had a week of sun for your holiday here. When was it, must have missed it? ! :(

  5. Choclette, it was 20-27th of July.

    Janice, we used to go to Italy but for the last several years travel to Cornwall. Much less people. Of course, you can never predict the weather. Last year it was pretty cold. I never even took the swimsuit out of the suitcase.

  6. I love going to Cornwall - we're going later this summer. And my kids love Kelly ice cream too. Some lovely photos.

  7. A girl after my own heart having the two lol. Must admit there is definitely something special about Cornwall ice cream.