Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Cocoa beans for my hair (review)

I don't often talk about the hair products, but when the shampoo and conditioner are cocoa beans-based, it appeals to a chocoholic in me.

I have seen a range of products from DGJ Organics, but haven't tried them until recently.

DGJ stands for Daniel Galvin Jnr, a young talent in the designer haircare market. He strongly believes in the goodness of the organic products and in the importance of changing the world of beauty for the better.

I received a Glossy Brunettes Shampoo and Conditioner for testing and reviewing.
"Containing Cocoa Bean and Walnut this colour range will develop and enhance depth of colour and shine in dark and auburn tones, as well as protecting and ensuring a long- lasting, beautiful colour for brunette hair".

"DGJ Organics Glossy Brunettes Conditioner, containing Cocoa Bean and Walnut will develop and enhance depth of colour and shine in dark and auburn tones"

When I received two bottles from DGJ Organics, I was puzzled for a moment, how do they know I am a brunette if I didn't specify it? Then I told myself: Don't be silly, they must have seen your photo on Twitter.
I have been dying my hair since my early 20s, so I've been doing it for a good chunk of twenty years, except when I was pregnant and used the henna (then my hair looked suspiciously foxy, with a greenish tint). I tend to choose a darker palette: from dark red, aubergine, plum to dark brown, whenever I fancy a change. I've never been a blonde, as I don't think it would suit me.

My first impressions: both the shampoo and the conditioner have a subtle perfume, very pleasant and not overwhelming (some of the chocolatey-type of shampoos smell quite cheap and way too strong).
It has a fresh fragrance and lathers very well. My hair felt clean and acquired a lovely shine.

While my mane hasn't doubled in volume after the use of the products (like some other hair care brands TV ads promise), and I don't shake my hair, screeching Because I'm worth it, I am very pleased with the result.
My hair was easily manageable, felt luxuriously soft, almost silky. I liked the perfume, and most of all, the fact that both products are made of the organic ingredients.

A combination of cocoa beans and walnut sounds like an ingredients list for baking brownies.
Cocoa beans for my hair? Bring it on!


  1. but did it make the colour better?

  2. It didn't wash out the existing colour, like some shampoos tend to do. It added a shine & depth, but as it is not a colouring shampoo, it hasn't actually change the colour.

  3. Well that's interesting - chocolate shampoo. I'd never thought I'd be able to feature a hair care product on my blog - but you just never can tell!

  4. LOL @ Choclette, I'm sure you will be able to do a professional review on any things chocolatey.