Saturday, 13 July 2019

Photo diary: week 28, project 365

We're now on the homestretch, racing to the summer holidays. Just a few more days, and no more early morning and hectic rushing around for a while.
Last week has been a bit of a meh, with some ruffled feathers.

 One of those unpleasant situations involved an overbearing school governor. I volunteer in school, reading with children, and have been doing it for the last five years. Last Monday I happened to arrive to school at the same time as one of the other visitors who as a real gentleman blocked me from pressing the button to the gate to enter the school territory, then accused me of tailgating him. When I asked him why he thought he could tell me off, he said he was one of the school governors. His tone was aggressive and intimidating, and this encounter left an unpleasant aftertaste in my mouth.
I later emailed the school office, asking to confirm that this uncivil person was indeed who he claimed he was. The reply was Sorry, you felt intimidated, and yes, he is one of the newest governors.
Who clearly enjoyed his petty little power trip. I bet if I were a man, I wouldn't have been subjected to the mansplaining and rudeness.

This is the photo of the old Witney mill.

Witney blanket factory

On Tuesday Eddie had a friend over after school. The friend brought a big pack of vintage Pokémon cards, and Eddie was ecstatic, looking at them. I baked some choc chip cookies for the boys.

baking for kids

Sports Day for Eddie. It was very hot, and after spending an hour and a half watching the kids, I've managed to get a nasty headache.
Watering potted plants in the garden, I've looked up to see this dragon-shaped cloud.

We have a nest in one of the chimneys on the roof. We don't use the fireplace, but still what a silly place to build a nest. I call them the Guardians of the house. I like this image where the couple both look the same way.

On Friday morning I hopped on the bus to Oxford to get to Sasha's school to the meeting with the social worker and teachers. I was already in Oxford, when I got a phone call from school to say that the meeting was cancelled, as the social worker couldn't make it. A bit annoying that she herself didn't call earlier to inform me, as this would have saved me a trip on a hot bus.

More pics from the garden...

Today was a busy day. Eddie was invited to a birthday party, and we had a festival in town, with the colourful procession. This year's theme was Carnivals of the world.

carnivals of the world

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  1. It sounds like you are ready for the summer holidays.
    What an idiot the new school governor sounds. It sounds like the power has gone to his head!
    What a lovely treat for the boys. Those cookies look so good!
    Fab photos x

    1. Thank you, Kim, he was most unpleasant. We're counting days 'til holidays.

  2. Love the dragon cloud - I can see it too - and pffff, what an idiot that new governor sounds. How annoying for the wasted bus ride too. Ah well, think ahead to long,lazy holidays - hugs xxx

    1. Thank you, Cheryl, I decided to turn it into a shopping trip, since I was already in Oxford. Bought a shirt at Zara and a bag at TX Maxx for myself. :)

  3. Annoying about the social worker and the school governor sounds like a piece of work - he clearly doesn't have the schools interests at heart if he is upsetting volunteers.

    1. Thank you, Erica, I think the man belongs to that category of people who despise anyone whom they deem to be below them in status.

  4. How awful that the school governor should behave like that! I've been a school governor and they are all nice people who care for the school and everyone involved with it - children, teachers and parents.
    That procession looks very colourful and I love the photo of the birds.

  5. The school governor sounds awful. I hope he is more considerate with the children. Also, the social worker doesn't seem very polite either. Hopefully next week will be better.

  6. The carnival looks fun. Shame about the school meeting, bet you were annoyed. I love the 'guardians of the house' I guess the new govenor obviously thinks himself above everyone elses station, just think it's probably the most important role he has in life, well done for speaking back to him

  7. That sounds like a lovely week. We don't have governors here, that one doesn't sound good. Hopefully you will have a better week next week x

  8. Prat of a man, no better than you or I, you should have given him a mouthful.
    Love the dragon cloud, well spotted

  9. What an idiot that guy sounds, not sure he is the right candidate for that position if he behaves like that. They should be thanking you for reading with the children for as long as you have. Love the chimney pot picture and the one of the butterfly. The procession sounds fun too x

  10. Most governors are lovely but some do like the power trip (I'm clerk to governors at 2 schools). Love the moody clouds in the mill pic, very atmospheric #project365