Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Chocolate Mousse with Butterscotch Syrup (Eggless recipe)

eggless chocolate mousse

There are days, when only chocolate will do. For me it has to be a proper dark one which satisfies that huge chocolate craving. My guys are happy to gobble up any chocolate, including the white one. I'm not a big fan of the white chocolate, but I make an exception for Hotel Chocolat Vanilla white chocolate or Venchi white chocolate with salted almonds and pistachios (absolutely heavenly!).

One of the products in the latest Degustabox was Monin Limited Edition Butterscotch Syrup for Speciality Coffee.
I do like a flavoured coffee from time to time, though it has to be a tiny amount, so as not to overpower the taste of coffee. Chain coffee shops like Nero and Costa add a generous glug of syrup to coffee, even if you ask them for just a dash, and then it's way too sweet.
That 25cl bottle of syrup will most likely last me for ages, if I don't use it in desserts.

I have googled for a chocolate mousse, and though I like the sound of Delia's chocolate mocha mousse, she uses raw eggs, and I'm rather reluctant to do that.
I searched then for eggless chocolate mousse recipes, and the result is a combination of ideas and recipes.

chocolate dessert without eggs

Chocolate mousse with butterscotch syrup
1tsp coffee granules, heaped
60 ml hot boiling water
2 dark chocolate bars (100g each)
2tbsp Butterscotch syrup
250ml + double cream
cherries (or raspberries to decorate)

Monin limited edition syrup

The recipe is pretty easy.
Set a medium sized basin over a pan of simmering water (the basin must not touch the water in the pan). Add the hot water and coffee granules and stir until dissolved. Break chocolate bars in the basin. Switch off the heat, and the chocolate should melt. Add the syrup (or if you prefer, rum or brandy) to the chocolate and stir together.
Whisk the double cream in the mixer, add the chocolate and blitz together, until smooth and even in colour.
Divide into individual ramekins and decorate with cherries or berries.
Place the ramekins, wrapped into a cling film in the fridge for 3-4 hours. Eat chilled.

It's so good with coffee.

chocolate desserts

Monin limited edition butterscotch syrup


  1. I'm not a coffee lover but this looks gorgeous :)

    1. Thank you, Cheryl, you can skip the coffee granules, and add something stronger.

  2. This looks so delicious and smooth!

    1. Thank you, Fede! It is rather rich, I think next time I should make smaller portions.