Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Jojoba Company hydrating day cream

moisturising cream

When winter arrives, the combination of the cold weather outdoors and the heating indoors often wreaks havoc with our skin. It's lovely of course to get all warm and toasty by the fire after a walk in the cold, but that doesn't do any favours to our skin. It might easily get dry, itchy and flaky.
To protect your skin from drying out in cold season, there are a couple of things you can do to keep it in good shape.
You might want to add humidity to your house - with radiator humidifiers. These ceramic water vessels are attached to the radiator and prevent the air from going too dry.
And of course, choose right cosmetics for this time of the year. In winter I'm looking for a cream which would keep my skin well moisturised and also serve as a good base under the foundation. I don't wear fake tan, but my skin is naturally pale, so I like to add a tiny bit of colour with a foundation.

The Jojoba Company hydrating day cream (The Jojoba Company) is a deep penetrating daily moisturiser with antioxidants. This is a popular vegan-friendly product.
The blurb on the box promises: "A high performance active moisturiser with natural silk peptides and Siberian ginseng to visibly firm the skin. It is also enriched with potent antioxidants pomegranate, green tea, beta glucan and olive leaf to compliment the deep moisturising properties of jojoba. A gentle, long acting moisturiser that restores the skin's natural suppleness and protects against dehydrating environmental effects."

What did I think of it? I've been using it every morning for just over a week. I always appreciate creams which are quickly absorbed, as the school mornings are hectic enough here, I don't have much time for my beauty routine. Jojoba hydrating cream is lightweight and is quickly absorbed. It has a pleasant smell, sweet but not overwhelming, and the smell disappears fast.

I have tried it with three different foundations (no.7, L'Oreal and Clarins), and it works well with all the foundations I used (not at the same time, just to clarify, all on different days). This product is perfect under make-up. The skin feels supple and well hydrated, not shiny and sticky.

My skin feels smooth and nourished all day thanks to the olive leaf extract and Siberian ginseng.
It was clinically proven to increase the production of elastin by up to 97%.
I'm in my late 40s, and have a good share of wrinkles and laughter lines, so any extra elastin is welcome.

You don't need a lot of cream to apply.
Just add a little bit of cream onto fingertips and gently press onto the face and neck. It has a gentle, almost-mousse-like consistency.

Jojoba hydrating day cream is my recent discovery.
It will make a lovely Christmas stocking filler.

Have you tried any products from The Jojoba Company range?

Disclosure: I received the jojoba day cream for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are solely my own.

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