Thursday, 22 December 2016

Festive season and pets

The world of mass media is full of cute images of pets dressed up in Christmas suits, wearing reindeer antlers or Elf ears. We all Ooh and Aah, yet this is the time when many pets are exposed to more danger from all the Christmas decorations and all those tempting treats around the house.
Just like with young children, we have to "baby-proof" our homes, especially during the festive season.

When I was growing up, we always had cats, and I hope one day to have another moggie.
 I remember when our much loved cat Kuzya discovered the appeal of the sparkly glitter garlands from the Christmas tree. I know we giggled when his poo showed specks of glitter, but got very worried when Mum explained to us that it was dangerous for our cat. He was unwell for a couple of days. All the sparkly Christmas ribbons had to go high up on the tree, and to be removed from the lower branches. Thankfully, our cat lived a long life, but that accident gave us a big scare.

I am sharing this lovely video to raise awareness of the dangers that our beloved pets can face during the festive period. Vets Now has created an emergency pet plan which owners can download for FREE to ensure heaven stays a place on Earth fir their furry friends.

Wishing you and your pets a very happy and safe Christmas!

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