Friday, 16 December 2016

Christmas jumper, party props and all things nice

Our son Eddie loves everything about Christmas - it's as if the festive season was invented for him. Eddie goes to the faith school, and loves going to the church (mainly, I believe, for the social aspect and the biscuits after the service), so he is well familiar with the story of Nativity.
He has always enjoyed taking part in the Nativity, though he's never been blessed with big parts. He's always either a cute little cow admiring baby Jesus, or a sparkly dancing diamond or one of 30,000 narrators with two lines to say...
Never mind, this doesn't dampen his spirit. This old video made 3 years ago still makes me smile.

Eddie also adores all the paraphernalia of the season - festive music, all the glitter and decorations in the streets, Christmas trees, Christmas jumpers, all the novelty gifts. He's a true party animal.
This year he's got not one but two Christmas jumpers.

His school held a Christmas Jumper Day yesterday. They did it a day earlier than the official Christmas Jumper Day, because today they had a Christingle service in the church, which was beautiful.
On the way home yesterday he confessed to me  that he was told off by the teacher. Why? Apparently the boy who was sitting next to him kept pushing the red nose of the reindeer to make it play music. Oh yes, of course, it was another boy.
Because we're basically angelic... We even have an Angel Halo.

This cute fluffy Angel Halo was one of the Christmas goodies we received recently from CircusCircus. If you're after Christmas hanging decorations, balloons, banners, cutouts, table and door decorations, scene setters and accessories, you can turn your home into a festive retreat.
As they say on their website: "No matter the size of your home, our range is ideal for any Christmas Party and celebration".

Image credits: CircusCircus
What did we get in our parcel? Let's have a peek!

Christmas party,

The Photo Props proved to be a big success here. "Mummy, when you are wearing glasses, you have to look serious" - "Is that so, OK then, do a serious look" And then he kept bursting into laughter every time I tried to take a photo.

Even Mummy has reluctantly agreed to be snapped.

We had sparkly reindeer antlers and a snowman's carrot nose. Don't think they're supposed to be used together, but here is our snowman-reindeer hybrid.

The crackers included party hats, wine glass charms and jokes, which were actually quite amusing.
Eddie's favourite was:
"How do you make an octopus laugh?
- With ten-tickles!"

We haven't tried Snow Magic Make Your Own Snow kits yet. The forecast for Christmas is mild and definitely not white, so we'll be making our own snow after our Christmas lunch. You just need to add water and watch it grow 100 times. Sounds great fun!

As you can see, we're ready to party! What about you?

Disclosure: We received a selection of Christmas goodies from CircusCircus for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are our own.


  1. What fab jumpers Eddie has and how bad of the other boy to keep playing the music ;) Have a fab Christmas

    1. Thank you Alison, and Merry Christmas to you too!