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Cadbury Cadvent Christmas Knitwear Collection

chocolate gifts for Christmas

"Best chocolate ever" (Eddie after eating a Cadbury Dairy Milk Snow Ball)

A family of chocoholics, we can't imagine a festive season without chocolate treats and gifts. Cadbury chocolate is one of our family favourites. A tub of Roses doesn't last very long here, a chocolate bar disappears faster than you can say "a chocolate bar".

There is a wide selection of Cadbury festive treats - from Dairy Milk buttons to Winter edition bar, from Snow Bites to Snow Balls etc - so there is something for everyone's taste.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Snow Balls are chocolate shells filled with creamy and smooth vanilla mousse. Eddie has been rhapsodical about it since he tried it first a while ago. I believe there was an Easter equivalent of snow balls. When we travelled to Italy at Easter, I took a couple of packs with us as gifts for extended family.
My older son is very partial to Cadbury Dairy Milk Winter Edition bar - which is a combination of milk and white chocolate, interwoven into a pretty pattern of Christmas trees.

If you're a fan of Cadbury or are looking for a Christmas gift for a chocoholic in your life, you might be excited to discover that Cadbury has launched a new range of Cadvent Knitwear Collection.
The range includes a Cadbury Festive Scarf, a Cadbury Festive Jumper and a Cadbury Festive Hat.
And these are not simple jumper, hat and scarf, they have pockets and brims where you can hide your favourite chocolate treats. How cool is that?!

Imagine yourself skating on the ice rink, and nibbling on a favourite chocolate?!
Many years ago, when I was 10-11, I used to go skating with a friend. The temperature would have been well below zero. We carried chocolate truffles with us, and when we took them out of pockets to eat on the rink, the chocolate was as hard as rock in the cold. Still, those were the best times. And priceless memories.

The knitwear looks cosy and soft, with a familiar logo and snowflakes pattern. You can make a gift hamper with hot chocolate, chocolates and knitwear. I'm sure any Cadbury fan would be pleased to receive such a gift for Christmas.

Christmas gifts for chocoholics
Cadvent Christmas Knitwear Collection/Image credits - Cadbury

Christmas gifts for chocoholics
Cadvent Christmas Knitwear Collection/Image credits - Cadbury

Disclosure: We received a selection of Cadbury chocolate as a Thank you for mentioning the new knitwear range on the blog. All opinions are ours.

Christmas chocolate gifts

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