Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Out and About June Round-up

June is over, there are just a few weeks left until summer holidays, but the school didn't stop our bloggers from having trips and days out. We are a busy and adventurous lot.
North East Family enjoys outdoors, and I am very envious of their trip to the Chester Roman Fort Museum and a tearoom at the Hadrian's Wall. I always wanted to visit the Hadrian's Wall, and hoping one day I will take my guys up north to see this glorious landmark.

North East Family: Hadrian's Wall Museum

Have you ever heard of SUP? No, me neither. Our adventurous Zoe from Splodz Blogz went on a standup paddleboarding trip (SUP). It has been on her bucket list for a while. She loves water sports, and booked a lesson on her recent break at Center Parcs in Elvden Forest. It looks great fun (though I'd rather look at the sportsmen from the shore, if you ask me).

Splodz Blogz: Standup paddleboarding
If you regularly read Zoe's blog Splodz Blogz, you know that she loves hiking. I am full of admiration reading about her adventures. When it comes to packing, Zoe is a professional. She has written a very useful list of essentials and great tips, all based on her own experience.

Splodz Blogz: Tips for your day hike pack

Erica from Nine to Three Thirty took her kids on a bear hunt, or a bear trail of 30 sculptures. They braved the rainy weather to find the colourful bears, each different and unique. The trail took them through the local woods and they ended up in the golf course pavilion.

Nine to Three Thirty: a bear trail

Cheryl from Madhouse Family Reviews and her trio went on a different kind of hunt. They were fossil-hunting at Cap Blanc Nez. It was a perfect weather for a long walk, and they found plenty of sea treasures.

Madhouse Family Reviews: fossil-hunting
Cheryl's family was also lucky to watch a parade of vintage military vehicles. The Little Ships have come back to Dunkirk for the 70th commemoration of Operation Dynamo and the Evacuation of Dunkirk during the World War II. One of Dunkirk veterans, Arthur Taylor, who's in his 90s was taking part in the parade. What an amazing experience, poignant and heart-warming.

Madhouse Family Reviews: Operation Dynamo
It's not the first time that Cheryl from Madhouse Family Reviews visited Poland. She stayed in Sopot, a small tourist town and a health resort. I would love to visit the charming Crooked House which is a coffee shop. I wonder if they serve coffee there in crooked cups and saucers?

Madhouse Family Reviews: The Crooked House, Sopot

Alison from Dragons and Fairy Dust visited a Roman fort Segedunum. The fort is the most completely excavated fort in Britain and was a garrison for Roman soldiers for around 300 years. There's a museum and a reconstructed Roman bath house. Alison met not just one Gladiator, but quite a few of them, lucky girl indeed.

Dragons and Fairy Dust: Segedunum

Yet Another Blogging Mummy paid a visit to Bekonscot Model village, which was opened in 1929. Even Her Majesty visited it as a child. Exhibits are still added to it and replaced as well. It was great fun, and her boys enjoyed the train travelling through the village the best. I bet my guys would love it too.

Yet Another Blogging Mummy: Bekonscot Model Village

Eileen from ET Speaks from Home produced a video for Multi Faith school trip. during which children have learnt about Sikh and Hindu religions. It's a great way for school children to learn about different religions and cultures.

ET Speaks from Home: Multi faith school trip

I haven't been anywhere grand in the last month, staying in Witney. I did manage to discover a new (for us) restaurant Meze Lounge which serves Greek and Turkish food.

Chez Maximka: starter at Meze Lounge, Witney

It was a rainy day when Eileen from ET Speaks from Home took her family to Conkers. This is a great family-friendly centre in the National Forest with indoor and outdoor play areas, discovery zones and an amphitheatre. They had a great time, despite the rain. Lots of wonderfully cheerful photos that made me smile.

ET Speaks from Home: Conkers
Zoe from Splodz Blogz knows the most picturesque routes in Britain. She took a lot of beautiful photos along The Stephen Langton Trail, which is a newly devised walking route celebrating 800 years since the sealing of Magna Carta. This route is 16.5 miles long, and takes you from Langton-by-Wragby to Lincoln.

Splodz Blogz: chapel along the Stephen Langton Trail
I love food markets, it's a pleasure to wander around the different stalls offering most exciting food products. Alison from Dragons and Fairy Dust went to the Jesmond Food Market which brings together the local food producers and street food traders. If you want to find out what Alison bought at the market, you just have to visit her blog post.

Dragons and Fairy Dust: Jesmond food market

I have never heard of Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium before, but that is where Fiona aka North East Nerd spent a lovely afternoon. You can enjoy your cuppa in a company of cats. The cakes look good too. Admiring the cats doesn't come free, you'll have to pay £6 per person on top of the food bill, and the cats seemed to be rather indifferent to visitors.

North East Nerd: Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

And that's it folks. This month school holidays will start, and I expect our bloggers will be travelling even more.


  1. i love the crooked house, would love to visit it. I see people stand up paddling as I've been calling it in Dubai, I had wondered what it was called

  2. What a fab selection, there's something for everyone :)

  3. What a lovely selection. It makes me want to travel to other countries. Great round up

  4. Thanks for mentioning our day at Bekonscot. I highly recommend a visit there

  5. Thanks for including me :) I think I need to go on that rope thing at Conkers!

  6. Thank you so much for the mentioned! Love of lovely places for me to explore now!