Thursday, 16 July 2015

I Heart Merlot

When it comes to wine, I am definitely not a connoisseur. I enjoy a glass of wine now and then, especially if we go out or have guests for dinner. But I tend to stick to the safe choices, and go for those wines which we have enjoyed in the past, or it is from a familiar brand. Most of the wines we buy are either Italian or French, with rare forages into a new terrain. I was glad to expand my knowledge of the world wine and test a new range of I Heart wines by sampling i heart Merlot.

I Heart Wines is what you might call a new kid on the block. The people behind the new brand wanted to turn wine-buying for customers like myself (read: not-wine-experts) into a more joyful experience.
Having sampled wines from various vineyards, the i heart wines team has picked their favourites for each variety of wine.
I Heart Merlot is a Hungarian wine, with the grapes sourced from all over the country. As you might know, the climate of Hungary is well suited to vines.

What did we think of this red? It is smooth and fruity. You get to taste the ripe plum and raspberry with a hint of spices. A very drinkable wine, especially with food. And a good value for money too.
It is suggested to be paired with the roast, spicy pasta and/or a selection of Italian antipasti.
You can also enjoy it with some ripe cheese, grapes and maybe a slice of bread with a pate.

I imagine it would be great for cooking as well, if you enjoy a red wine and mushroom risotto, or a scrumptious Ragu Bolognese. Or what about braised lamb shanks?! So many possibilities to use the leftover wine.
How do you use the leftover wine? Or is there no such thing as the leftover wine?!

Disclosure: I received a bottle of Merlot for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are mine.

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