Friday, 10 July 2015

Fireman Sam Diecast Vehicle Set

When he hears the fire alarm,
Fireman Sam is cool and glam...

One day Eddie and I were walking in the fields and had fits of giggles, trying to sing the Fireman Sam song. We forgot the lyrics, and came up with the "glam" Sam version. Since then, Fireman Sam is always glam to me. Fireman Sam is of course a much loved TV character. My younger son watched all the episodes on Youtube and DVDs for what feels like 1 million times. If your children are big fans of the hero of Pontypandy, they'll love a new Fireman Sam Diecast Vehicle Set (available from Character-Online toy shop).
It consists of three vehicles which feature extensively in the series - Jupiter, Venus and Neptune. All vehicles in the set are highly detailed and free-wheeling.

Jupiter is of course a famous fire engine. Bright red die cast fire truck will delight all the Pontypandy fans.

Neptune is a rescue boat. Sleek and bright yellow, it just awaits for the signal to go on a rescue mission.

Venus is usually driven by Penny Morris, and carries lots of rescue equipment wherever it is needed.

Your little people can re-enact the events of Fireman Sam stories and invent their own escapades. A great little set for pretend play for children aged 3 plus.
Create your own action packed adventures with three mini vehicles!

Disclosure: I received the toy set for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are Eddie's and mine.

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