Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Meze Lounge in Witney

It was a spontaneous lunch out. Last Monday my husband decided he'd work at home. Just before lunch time I muttered that I needed to go out to buy some fresh bread, as I didn't expect him to stay at home  and didn't buy more bread the day before. He suggested having a quick lunch out. I wanted to try the Coffeesmith cafe, as I haven't sampled their lunch menu, but it was quite busy, and the only tables available were outside the cafe next to some smoking people. I detest the smell of smoke while eating, it really ruins all the taste. So, we left, and went across the square to try our luck at another place.
I have passed by Meze Lounge before many times without paying much notice, but this time I stopped and looked at their menu. I liked the sound of all the Greek and Turkish style starters. We also saw one of our neighbours enjoying his meal inside, and thought that maybe he knew that place well enough to celebrate his birthday.

The interior wasn't very exciting. The dark walls and mini-vases with flowers dyed blue were a tad jaded. But we were running out of time, and stayed. We decided to choose a set menu (two dishes at £9.90).
We both opted for vegetarian starters: hummus and patlican soslu (cold aubergine, onion and potato cooked in tomato sauce). Both starters were very good. Hummus arrived with a basket of flat bread.

The mains were slightly disappointing. I have chosen a chicken wrap, and it comes with chips. Chips? The wrap and chips just don't work together at all. Also the chips were very mediocre, too oily and stodgy.
There was a small dish of salad leaves, which were clearly just out of the packet and still had their tiny unattractive beardy roots attached. I would have liked a more flavourful and cheerful Mediterranean salad than the small sad lettuce and chips.

The actual wrap was tasty enough, and the chicken pieces inside had a good smokey flavour. But the chips were a real put down for me.

My husband had a vegetarian main of aubergines and halloumi cheese with rice. The name of the dish escapes me. It was quite all right, but nothing exciting.

The service was quick and friendly.

I think if we decide to have a meal at Meze Lounge again, it would make sense to order just a selection of Greek and Turkish starters, and skip the mains altogether. A big sharing platter would be a much better idea.

Have you visited Meze Lounge in Witney? What was your experience?

Chez Maximka


  1. I agree with that the wrap is odd served with chips, a big salad would be ideal. Its a shame it wasn't as good as you expected. Still nice not to have to cook

    1. It was most odd, they probably catered to the British pub tastes, where everything comes with chips

  2. How lovely to have an impromptu lunch a deux! Definitely sounds like it would be worth going back to sample the mezze menu instead though.