Monday, 15 June 2015

Meadow Kids Mini Stencils

My younger son loves colouring, painting and papercrafts. He doesn't need a second invitation to get creative. If I ask him if he wants to do some colouring, he is always enthusiastic about it. It's not surprising then that he was very eager to start working with Meadow Kids Mini Stencils (from Great Gizmos).

This attractive creative set comes in a sturdy box with 2 drawers. It looks quite durable, so we can keep all the contents together for a long time. The packaging design is cheerful and colourful, showing the stencil shapes you can find inside.
It includes 1 stencil book, 1 book of design sheets, a set of cards and envelopes, 5 colouring pencils and a pencil sharpener.

The stencil books consists of several pages of colourful plastic stencils. The designs vary from letters and symbols to common shapes, from farm to wild animals, from circus shapes to sea life.

Eddie was very excited to start crafting. The pencils are small and easy to work with, even for small hands.
The set is aimed at children aged 3+. Eddie is almost 5, and I think this is just the right age for holding the stencils firmly without an adult's help. Perhaps more advanced toddlers can do it too, but from our own experience, I remember Eddie enjoyed much chunkier stencils when he was little, and I think he might have struggled with these thin stencils at the age of 3. Saying that, all children are different, and this set could be enjoyed by a range of ages.

The designs are cute and small.
I love papercrafts myself, and try to encourage my kids to do papercrafts as often as possible (and spend less time watching TV or playing games on the ipad).
The set has a selection of cards and envelopes which you can decorate for any special occasion, be it a birthday, a Teacher's day, Mother's day, Father's day etc.

Eddie filled in a lot of pages in the design sheet booklet, but I couldn't take good photos of his artwork, as they looked quite pale. I asked him to do a couple of pages with the crayons so that they would look better in the photos, and he was happy to oblige. So, if you see some crayons in the images, these don't come with the set. But of course, once you have the set, you can work with any pens, pencils or crayons.
Unless you are very agile with the paintbrushes, I wouldn't use these stencils with the paint.
Stencils would need to be one per sheet for a good sponge stencilling, otherwise it will be very tricky to do a neat job.
You can do a design with a pencil, and then colour in with the paintbrush.
This set will provide your child with hours of creative fun, and will make a lovely gift.

Disclosure: We received this set for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are mine.

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