Sunday, 7 June 2015

Photo diary: week 23, 365

This was a week of firsts for Eddie: we went to the cinema for the first time in his life on Sunday. I haven't been to the cinema for 14 years, and there was a good reason I haven't. The guy on my right kept eating noisily all the time. His food was smelly, and he kept dropping pop corn on the floor. There was a pair of 8-year-olds behind us who put their feet on our seats. I asked them politely a couple of times, but both they and their mother ignored us, and just kept kicking the backs of the chairs. I'm happy not to go to the movies for another 14 years, but Eddie hardly noticed anything around, he was enthralled with Shaun the sheep.

On Monday I popped in for a coffee to a restaurant we had dinner for my birthday. It was a decent latte.

Tuesday was my crafting day at Eddie's school, and we were doing transport collages from die cut shapes. Eddie made a rocket with wings as well as an astronaut.

On Wednesday we baked a batch of lemon and limoncello cupcakes.

I spotted these radishes on Thursday, and it made me wonder. Radishes for breakfast? Thanks, but No, thanks. I'd rather have a toast.

Friday was the school disco night, and I chaperoned Eddie. He was very excited about going to his first school disco. I knew he loves to dance, but wasn't sure if he would go all shy dancing in public. It happened so that he danced all the way through. He told me he was showing his best moves. After the disco, he told me "Mummy, do you know what was the best bit? All of it", which made me smile. I tried to take photos of him dancing, but he moved too fast for my slow iphone, and all the images are blurred. So instead of a photo, here's a short video of my disco child.

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  1. They put radishes on the breakfast table in Poland - it seemed strange to me too !