Sunday, 19 April 2015

Photo diary: week 16, 365

Back to school after two weeks of holidays, and getting up earlier is not welcomed kindly by my guys. That is unless it is a weekend, then by Sod's Murphy's law they get up at an ungodly hour, and I can wave good bye to a much coveted lie in.

12.04: I love watching our garden changing its colours and aromas, at the moment we have these tiny violets all over the place.

13.04: I got a KitchenAid Nespresso machine on loan for testing a new flavour - Malabar coffee. It is nice and strong, smokey-flavoured with a hint of salt. I might describe it as a masculine type of coffee as opposed to the fruity milder coffees I favour. It was good with milk though.

14.04: This busy blackbird was collecting dried soft grass near our pondette, I suspect for its nest.

15.04: I love the plum blossom, so delicate and beautiful, and now the petals started floating down like snowflakes.

16.04: It was such a sunny morning that Eddie was wearing his Spiderman sun glasses. He thinks they are very cool, bless him.

17.04: Eddie is fed up with me taking so many photos of him, so often when he sees me with the camera, he hides. I have been waiting to do a quick snap of him, while he was emerging from out of his hiding space.

18.04: As my Blehneim Palace annual pass arrived in the post, I had this cunning plan (picture Baldrick!) to go to the Blenheim park with my guys. We used to live in Woodstock when Sasha was little, and the park was literally our backyard. We went there every day for long walks. I was hoping Sasha will enjoy visiting his old haunts, and Eddie will have fun exploring the park.
I took one zillion photos and this is one of my favourite - a photo of the outdoors art installation, one of blue ceramic balls with a reflection of the Blenheim palace and a fluffy little cloud.

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  1. Love Eddies hideout! We have loads of violets in our garden as well, they take over the place.

    1. Thank you Alison! He's still at that happy stage when he thinks we don't see him when he is hiding and cannot see us. :)

  2. i love your plants and Eddie :D so lovely clicks galina :D

  3. The blossom and flowers look gorgeous. Eddie looks very cool - I love his hat. Coffee machines have to be one of my favourite things ever :)

  4. I just love seeing blossom, it is so cheerful and pretty. The palace looks so cool in that blue ball!

    1. Blossom is such a gorgeous sight. A pity it doesn't stay very long