Saturday, 11 April 2015

Photo diary: week 15, 365

Two weeks of holidays are almost gone, and my blogging has been put on hold. Too many play dates and activities with kids. The weather has been lovely most of the time, and our garden is changing its colours again, with vibrant tulips and hyacinths, daffodils and muscari, primroses and plum blossom.

05.04: We had a great Easter lunch with friends, who came over. I still haven't blogged about our Easter meal, the days just slip away... We were stuffed by the evening, but did find some space to nibble on the Heston from Waitrose Easter egg. It was a gift for my husband. I fancied getting this egg last year, but procrastinated and they were all sold out. This year I got one earlier and kept hidden. I liked the idea of a rice paper straw and the dark chocolate was very good. Is it worth £20? As a gift it is quite spectacular, but I will stick to the less pricey chocolate eggs next year. Eddie loved his white chocolate egg from Thorntons the best (and it was 2 for £6, with a personalised named on it, such a bargain), closely followed by Shaun the sheep chocolate egg. Kinder surprise Batman egg was more valued for the toy inside than for the actual chocolate.

Easter egg, chocolate egg

06.04: On Monday the weather was splendid, and we had a lovely walk to Cogges manor farm (another post that is waiting to be done, as I took a lot of photos). It was our first visit this season, and we got a new season ticket (the price has gone up). Eddie and I watched how the ladies were making the hot cross buns in the kitchen.

Making hot cross buns, Cogges, April 2015

07.04: My darling Sash is growing up fast. I might be biased but I think he's one handsome young man.

08.04: On Wednesday I had the groceries delivered from Tesco. I love their wild mushrooms, but it's always a surprise as to which variety will arrive. This week it was the turn of the morels. I haven't cooked any morels before, and asked friends on Facebook on what to do with them. I ended up just frying them with olive oil, garlic and a bit of soured cream. They do look a bit poisonous. In fact they're mildly toxic when raw. I just hope Tesco's mushroom-pickers know what they are doing, as I wouldn't be able to distinguish a safe morel from its poisonous false morels.

09.04: In the morning I took Sasha to the Guideposts club for a day, and later Eddie had a play date with his old nursery buddies Thomas and James. He had a great time, and didn't want to leave. I had a lovely time myself, chatting to their Mum Liz. I didn't take any photos of the boys together. That evening, as my husband was away, I fancied some okroshka with kefir. This is a cold Russian soup, it could be purely vegetarian or with meat. That evening I picked a handful of violets in the garden and scattered some over my soup for a splash of colour.

Russian cold soup
Kefir okroshka, Russian cold soup

10.04: My Mum keeps asking me about the garden, so I walked around, snapping all the corners of our garden for her. There's our mini-rockery from the pebbles Mum brought from our trips to Cornwall. I love it, it reminds me of our times together by the sea.

11.04: My husband is still away, so we didn't go out today. Instead we played at home and in the garden. Eddie loves talking to our neighbours across the stone wall, and asks me to lift him up so he can say Hello. Just the other day as I was talking to our neighbour Judy, Eddie piped in "May I ask you a question?" She smiled and said Yes. He then, looking angelic, asked "When will you invite us to your house?" 
Here's my Superman/Batman hybrid super hero, enjoying the sunshine.

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  1. Your garden looks wonderful, love the hints of colour against the green. A great round up, looks like you've had a really productive week and I'm totally jealous over that Easter egg!! x

    1. It is wonderful, but it is huge, and there's so much work, sigh. Struggling with the weeds.

  2. What a beautiful garden you have, I love your little rockery and love Cornwall too! The egg does look nice but wow...£20!

  3. £20 for an egg? It does look delicious! Looks like a lovely week, I love the last picture x #project365

  4. What interesting looking mushrooms. I would be scared to try them. Lovely pictures

  5. Your boy is definitely growing up quick - and is certainly a heartbreaker. I love the look of that Easter egg - what a great idea! x