Sunday, 5 April 2015

Photo diary, week 14, 365

Happy Easter to all you lovely people! My weekly photo diary is posted a bit later this week, as the weekend has been busy-busy-busy. Every moment I can spare I pop into the kitchen to listen to the Hall of Fame on Classic FM, what a feast! Luckily I spent a lot of time cooking yesterday evening and first half of today, as we had friends coming over for Easter lunch, so I had a perfect excuse to enjoy the music without being interrupted. 
Now going back to last Sunday, the 29th. Nothing eventful was happening. My husband was away, so boys and I spent the day at home, playing in the garden. My Mum planted the hyacinths' bulbs last year, and this month they have been giving me so much pleasure, as I can see the beautiful blooms from my kitchen. Thank you, Mum, and I wish you were here to see your flowers.

30.03: Sasha spent a day with the Guideposts, and Eddie and I ran a lot of errands on Monday. Passing by the Entertainer shop is a dangerous business for my pocket, as Eddie inevitably wants to buy another Lego toy. This time he went for Ninjago set.

31.03: On Tuesday we went to the Bleheim park with Eddie's school buddy N, his little brother C and their Mum. We had a wonderful time, running through the maze, playing in the pleasure garden, riding on a train named Winston, having light lunch and admiring the butterflies, fish and birds in the Butterfly House. These little cuties (I think they might be estrildid finches, but I might be wrong) are so beautiful.

01.04: On Wednesday our friend Jen took us by car to the Burford garden centre, another of our favourite places to visit. Eddie happily posed for me in the original Tardis from the BBC Doctor Who series.

02.04: a little coffee break with Mr Kipling's French fancies, pretty to look at, way too sweet for me, but my boys gulped them in one go, like that Tiger who came to tea.

03.04: Next day we were sampling Mr Kipling's Viennese whirls, again approved by my guys.

04.04: Yesterday Eddie and I spent a few hours wandering from supermarket to supermarket, trying to find some white eggs. I had this idea of dying eggs for Easter table. Fat chance. All the eggs were brown. What happened to the white eggs? Are they not en vogue any more? We were quite tired and stopped in Costa for a cup of coffee for me and a choccie snack for Eddie.

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  1. Lovely photos. Beautiful bright colour in your hyacinths. Lego is the bane of my life at the moment, the hubby can't walk past shops without buying some and it's soo much more expensive when they are full grown men! Lovely tea cup and saucer set :)

    1. Thank you Emma! My son and your hubby are most likely in different leagues. Eddie plays with his Lego, constructing the most weird vehicles, we have hundreds of pounds worth of Lego, all mixed up. Sometimes I despair. :)

  2. What a fab week....Lovely photos!
    I love the Tardis....Such fun x

  3. The hyacinths are beautiful. Wish I could vanish inside a tardis!