Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Artisan Kitchen jams: try something different

Jams... the best ones are still done in small batches, in a traditional copper pot. The Artisan Kitchen makes a fabulous array of jams, preserves, marmalades and pickles. The Artisan Kitchen is a brainchild of a passionate foodie and a trained chef Sarah Churchill. Wherever possible, Sarah uses the local fruit and berries for her marvellous inspired creations.
I have recently discovered The Artisan Kitchen online, and was pleased to see a lot of innovative and unusual flavours. While I was browsing, I wanted to try them all.

I have recently mentioned The Artisan Kitchen Gloucester Quince and Lime Jam, the jam of gloriously rich colour and great taste.
As a chocoholic, I couldn't resist buying Raspberry & Chocolate Jam. I love raspberry in chocolate, but have never tried a chocolate-flavoured raspberry jam. Did it work? When you open the jar, the jam doesn't look any different from any other good quality thick raspberry jam with a high fruit content. It is soft set and looks very appealing. If you love chocolate, you will love the jam as well. It was a bold decision but original and inventive. A big Yes to this combination of flavours!
It transforms a humble slice of bread into a Royal feast. If the Queen who "was in the parlour eating bread and honey" had a choice, she would go for this jam.

I love the idea that Sarah works with the fruit's natural pectin rather than adding the additional commercial pectin.
She is a true artist, a Maestro of the kitchen who knows her jams and pickles.

Toffee Apple Jam is a sweet chunky jam. The apples are cut into mini-cubes and look very pretty spread on the bread. It contains homemade toffee sauce. I tried a small jar, so didn't have enough to experiment with, but I would imagine it will be superb in a crostata served with the vanilla ice cream or thick Greek yogurt.

Strawberry Apple Vanilla jam is another tasty combination of flavours. Perfect on a toast or with a hot croissant.
Tutti Frutti Jam is a mix of red berries and Bramley apples, again a lovely combination of flavours. How about adding a dollop of jam on your pancakes or blini?!

Raspberry & chocolate jam in a warm croissant, simply divine

We loved all the flavours of jams that we tried. If I had to choose my total favourite, it would be Apricot Lemon Verbena Jam which is absolutely AMAZING (yes, in capital letters). There are big soft pieces of apricot in a soft jam, which benefits from an added lemon verbena flavour. The flavours are perfectly balanced. It is such a beautiful jam, that if I were the Queen, Sarah would be appointed a Dame without any doubt.

If you are thinking of giving foodie gifts for Christmas, visit The Artisan Kitchen online, you will be spoilt for choice.

Apricot Lemon Verbena jam on toast
Disclosure: I bought 3 several jams and also received several small size samplers with my order. All opinions are mine.


  1. They look lovely and can be a great Christmas gift..

    1. Yes, these jams will make a lovely gift for anyone who enjoys jams