Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Start the party with Shloer Celebration

Christmas parties: love them or hate them! If you are a teetotal, or try to avoid any alcoholic drinks due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or just because it is your turn to drive, there is absolutely no reason why you can't enjoy a glass of an alcohol-free bubbly. Shloer has long been known as the indulgent sparkling alcohol-free drink, and just recently Shloer has launched two new flavours in addition to their already extensive range: Shloer Celebration White Bubbly and Shloer Celebration Pink Fizz.

The bottle looks very festive and provides a necessary dramatic effect of a popping cork. Just perfect for the coming season festivities. It will look as glamorous as any bottle of champagne on the festive table.

I love an occasional glass of champagne or wine, but it is nice to have alcohol-free alternatives during the party.
All Shloer flavours come free from preservatives, they contain no artificial sweeteners, colours or flavourings. All flavours are suitable for vegetarians and are best served chilled.

Shloer Celebration Pink Fizz has an intense vibrant pink colour. The flavours are very fruity and fresh. It is a fusion of red and white grape juices. It is slightly less sweet than the other Shloer varieties and has a cranberry note (though I believe there are no cranberries involved).

I can imagine it would also be nice with the Christmas meal, a roast turkey, duck or ham, or a luxurious vegetarian chestnut risotto wrapped in cabbage leaves.

If you're watching the calories, you'll be glad to know that it contains less calories than a standard glass of champagne (and don't even mention those creamy Advocaat and other liqueurs).

Celebrate in style and feel glamorous!

Disclosure: I received a bottle of Shloer Celebration for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are mine.

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