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Christmas gifts inspiration

Let me mention first that if you are looking for techie gift ideas, you are in the wrong place. I know nothing about the latest gadgets (I wouldn't know a Wii from Xbox), unless they are kitchen-related. The selection of gift ideas that I offer for your perusal is more or less my own wish list. I would be happy with any of those presents (yes, including those that are supposedly for men in your life).

Winter and jumpers, you cannot imagine one without the other if you live in the colder climes. For the fans of Sarah Lundt and all things knitted, I found these two super-jumpers: Sleuth Jumper from Seasalt is a Scandi-inspired knit in super soft lambswool, sporting a classic Fair Isle pattern and looking very cozy, and this fab traditional jumper from Gudrungudrun would make a Sarah Lundt fan stop in her tracks.

Hats! As someone who watched Downton Abbey more for hats than the plot, I am always on the lookout for the new attractive hats. This Cossack fur hat from Marisota reminds me of Dr Zhivago with its most beautiful Lara's theme by Maurice Jarre. The black pork pie hat with tartan trim from Pret-a-Portobello is darn cute and stylish. I will happily wear either of them.

This Cute Jute bag from Seasalt would make a charming gift bag (that could be regifted later too). It is 30x24cm in size, a perfect container for a box of chocolate or a pretty scarf, like this gorgeous soft Russian Doll scarf from White Stuff's recent Verushka collection. It is very silky and hugs your neck gently. I confess, I have treated myself to this scarf just the other day. It is my pre-Christmas gift to myself, and I love it (I have recently written about Verushka range).

They say it will be a long snowy winter. Have you prepared your wellies yet to wade through the snow? These comfy and lightweight red wellies from Burnhills will brighten up even a dark morning. And these adorable sheep slippers aka Baa Baa Mules from White stuff will keep your feet warm.

Are you feeling tired? Do the dark mornings and early evenings make you feel miserable? How about this mood-enhancing Mama Mio Gravida candle? It would add a touch of glamour to any interior. Mama Mio calls it a "fragrant halo of calm". I love citrus aromas, and feel relaxed looking at the flame of a candle.
Snuggle up all wrapped cozily in this elegant Cape Mohair knee throw in pastel check at Achica.

For a posh Downton Abbey-style tea party go for this elegant Portrait dessert set from Zara (very reasonably priced at £9.99).
Sophie Bruen's handcrafted ceramics are inspired by nature. This dragonfly bowl is simply stunning. Love the colour and the pattern, very Japonesque.

Now these gifts are supposed to be suitable for men in your life, but I just adore this cute little robot tea infuser from Rigby & Mac. At £5.95 it would make a nice little stocking filler for any tea lover, don't you think? And if you prefer coffee, go for the real McCoy and buy a stove top espresso maker. Just like they do in Italy. Mind you, the espresso from those coffee makers is almost lethal. It is so strong, for me it's like a rocket fuel, I have a sip and ready to launch into the open space. It was invented in 1930s by Bialetti and has become a style icon.

Foodies gifts, now we are talking. My favourite kind of gifts to give and receive.
For a great talking point and a Christmas tree with a difference, go for this Scented Floral Creations Chilli topiary. I wonder if I have enough chillies to make my own mini-tree, as the chilli plant this year was so prolific, we'd never be able to eat all that chilli.
Bellini is my favourite cocktail, which always brings back memories of the sun-kissed evenings in Italy. You can easily make your own Bellini with a Bellini Box from Fortnum & Mason. Fresh peach juice works beautifully with a crisp prosecco for the most wonderful cocktail ever.

Do you love charms? This little stunner of a charm, Pandora Carousel from John Greed Jewellery is ever so elegant and stylish. An enchanting trinket indeed.
If your house is anything like ours, pens and pencils and crayons are all over the place. I wonder if a Wooden pencil tree would make a job of putting them together in one place more attractive to my guys.

There are also some brilliant gifts for kids who enjoy cooking, like The Big Cheese Making Kit from Grow Your Own (is there a mini-Heston Blumenthal in your life who would love experimenting with food?), or Christmas Cookie Cutters from Rigby & Mac, so festive, you'll be chuckling Ho-Ho-Ho baking your cookies.

Here comes Mr Tumble with his famous spotty bag! Squeeze him and squash him, and share giggles with him. Castle & Rattle Play Characters Set - Maileg makes me almost sad that I am not a kid anymore, I would have so loved to play with this soft fabric set with the princess, the frog, the knight and the prince.

And one last gift that I love and which my little man would surely appreciate. He's very much into Fireman Sam stories right now, and his favourite toys are all kinds of fire engines. This super duper Fire Station Play set from BigJigs would surely be a dream come true for him or any other fireman Sam-obsessed little person.

Disclosure: I haven't been asked by any of the companies above to be mentioned on my blog. I love gifts ideas and inspiration boards and hope you enjoy looking at my selection.

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  1. I love the Christmas jumpers, the scarves, wellies and slippers! Wait a minute, I love everything on your list! :) #PoCoLo

  2. loving Mr Tumble on there honey x

  3. I love this great list - such a great variation of ideas :) Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

    1. I enjoyed making it, it's an online version of window-shopping.