Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A whole lot of smiles on a rainy day: Justin's Funny Faces Sticker Book (review & giveaway c/d 15 October 2012)

When Justin's Funny Faces Sticker book arrived the other day, I don't know who was more excited about it: Eddie or I. It couldn't have arrived at a better time: it was raining non-stop, Eddie was cranky, as he's got sniffles and I didn't want to take him out in his favourite garden. We've done painting and colouring, read a few books, but he wanted something new to discover.

Justin was just the right remedy for the miserable rainy day.

 As I mentioned many times Justin is a big part of our life. My sons love his shows. And I think he is simply marvellous.
Justin Fletcher is a talented actor who has been working as children's presenter and voice over artist for the last fifteen years. He won a Bafta in 2008 for best Children's Television Presenter, and if it were in my power, I'd keep giving him Baftas every year.
In 2010 Something Special won the Bafta for best pre school programme and Justin won his second Bafta for best Children's Television Presenter.
He is very talented. Working with children who have special needs is not an easy task, but he is doing a great job. You can see how children respond to his jokes and kind words, how their shy smiles turn into wide grins.

Eddie calls him Tamba and every night when we go to bed, we go through the routine of saying "Papa is asleep, Sasha is alseep, Mr Tumble is asleep etc etc" to convince Eddie he should go to sleep as well.

The sticker book was a real godsend. It is a book with lots of stickers that you attach to empty faces. As stickers are reusable, you can move them around to create a totally hilarious effect. You clown could looke like a witch, and vice versa. Or do them as suggested at the beginning of the book, you can see all the images together on one page.

We loved the grumpy pirate and a funny clown, the smiley lion and the dreamy astronaut.

The Picasso-style lion above is Eddie's work. This book could be as educational as it is entertaining: just name all the facial features as you stick them on, or try putting them in the wrong order and ask your child to change them.

You will find Justin on the last page of the book, and he invites you to decorate him as you like. We thought we won't be too cruel to Justin and wouldn't add any witch's warts or an elephant's nose. I think he looks lovely.

This brilliant sticker book will be available on sale at all major book shops from 4 October. You can also preorder it from Amazon.

And if you love Justin as much as we do, keep your eyes open for The Official Justin Fletcher Annual 2013. I have seen it at Sainsbury's already and it looks very good.

I have a copy of Justin's Funny Faces sticker book to give away to one of my blog readers.
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  1. I love Justin because he is fantastic with children, especially thiose with special needs

  2. He has a really great personality!

  3. Justin was a god send in our house...when my son regressed into his autism something special provided him with the words he'd lost

    1. not sure what happened! let me continue!

      when my son regressed into his severe autism he lost all his speech. he would sit and watch something special intently and eventually started to copy words and signs. my son only speaks using echolia and rote words so we use standard lines like "wheres the juice? its somewhere here, when you see it wave and cheer" to interact with him on a daily basis. we use the signs from mr tumble and when my husband and i went to a makaton course we were astounded how many signs we knew from the program. the first independant speech (question and answer) my son used was when his daddy asked him "mr cody, can you teach me the sign for popstar?"..he looked him in the eye and replied "yes daddy, look POPSTAR, you sign POPSTAR...well done daddy" we cried!!!
      now my daughter who is also severely autistic has discover something special and we one night signed about 10 makaton signs from the show and she told us exactly what each one was! she loves to shout for mr tumble and likes me to sign "spotty bag"!
      i really wish more people realised that not only is he exceptionally talented and his programs are fun and imaginative but he also does exactly what the programs are designed to do, help, support and educate children with learning disablities and special needs. without mr tumble i doubt we'd have as good a form of interaction with my son and daughter and i wish i could thank him personally for the great work he does. alot of children adore mr tumble but he actually taught my kids to talk and sign! im now off to try and win his book!

    2. ps..weve even got my daughter a mr tumble costume and her own spotty bag!

  4. I like justin because hes great with children,a natural. And that he teaches children about disabilities whilst still having fun :)

  5. He makes my little girl laugh and hearing her laugh is the most beautiful thing in the world.


  6. I have a child who has communication difficulties and developmental delays and he loves justin, i feel so happy there's something on tv to help the children with the signing and make it normal to all the children not just something "weird" and my little boy has picked up quite a few more signs while watching, he can even sign "justin" and he absolutely loves mr tumble. i think justin is doing such a great thing with the something special programme and he seems a great guy

  7. btw if you need to match the name to the rafflecopter its @ummziyad

  8. I love the fact that he never fails to make the kids laugh and that he has shown them about sign language so they are more aware of people who may have special needs and could use a helping hand from them

  9. We have had the good fortune to meet Justin and he was so lovely with all the children.

  10. I love the fact that he's funny and makes kids laugh.

  11. I love that Justin knows how to act a bit silly and child-like to have fun with the children but is also really educational. I think teaching all children basic sign language is a wonderful thing.