Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Poster paints and starry nights

Eddie loves crayons and pencils. He's usually a total tornado who won't sit still, except when he wants to do "kayaying" (his word for colouring). We can't pass any paintwork in town without stopping and observing with great interest (who said Watching the paint dry is not fun?). Even after the work is done, Eddie would comment en passant "painting" when we walk past any recently repainted walls or windows in town.

I knew he would love to paint, but wasn't so sure I am ready to have the paint all over the house (from the times of Sasha's art activities). But I braced myself and got a set of poster paints for Eddie.

When the childminder comes to play with Eddie for a couple of hours twice a week (so that I could spend time with Sasha, one to one, without being bothered by a very exuberant sibling), he usually insists on going to the garden. However, he was happy to sit and paint for almost an hour, a big achievement for a little busy man.

Today he wanted to paint again, he woke up and asked for paints. This is his artwork.

Can you guess what it is? Starry Night, of course. Eddie's homage to the great Van Gogh.


  1. Awe how cute this this. What a wonderful painting you made.

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Arty :-) Hope to see you again in Nov for the next Get Arty linky


  2. Art is a wonderful medium for self expression for children of all ages.

  3. Thats wonderful Galina he's got a talent.

  4. What a great painting, so sweet (: