Thursday, 20 September 2012

My Pocket Buddy (review)

You are in a hurry to do some grocery shopping, but your tot refuses to stay in the pushchair and insists on walking. He stops to look at things around, touches all the dirty window sills on the way, admires the bins. Sounds familiar? By the time you get to the supermarket, his hands are pretty mucky, and you don't have time to find the nearest loo to wash his hands. And here is when My Pocket Buddy comes to the rescue.

What is My Pocket Buddy?
It is a hand sanitiser for kids (and parents) on the go.
It contains 100% natural ingredients. It is non-toxic, alcohol and allergen free, contains aloe vera, and hasn't been tested on animals.

Tots are often like germ hoovers, picking all the dirt on the way.
I know that a certain exposure to dirt is actually beneficial to our kids, but there are limits, of course.
Eddie is a like a little magpie, he cannot pass indifferently an attractive stick or pebble on the ground, and with our sidewalks and pavements being a common toilet for the local dogs, I am always worried about what germs he could pick. Finding a place to wash hands is not always an option.

My Pocket Buddy fits perfectly in a handbag or even a pocket of your coat, it is very light to carry when out and about.

My Pocket Buddy has been scientifically formulated to kill 99.99% of virus bacteria, while still being kind to the most delicate skin.

Before using it on Eddie's hands, I tested it on my own. You apply the product to the palms and spread evenly over your hands and fingers. It dries very quickly, hands feel refreshed and even moisturised (thanks to aloe vera).

Eddie giggled when I sprayed his little hands with the sanitiser, and wanted to carry it home.

These pen sprays are designed for children to use at school. While I appreciate the concept, I am not sure if school kids would be actually using it when they are at school.
Would they feel confident to use it in public? Could it be made to look more appealing design-wise, so that the school kids would look at it as a cool product to be seen with? I do not dispute the advantages of this product, just wondering if kids would actually use it on their own. I would love to read any reviews of parents of school age kids and their thoughts on the matter.

If you want to find more about My Pocket Buddy, please visit

P.S. We received My Pocket Buddy for purposes of reviewing, all opinions are mine.

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  1. such a perfect item to have in your bag with little ones gives safe of mind and small enough to fit in my bag how perfect :)