Monday, 21 May 2012

Zesty pleasures of a new Provamel yogurt (review)

Provamel's Botanical range has been joined by a new flavour: Orange and Redbush.

Adding botanical elements to the yogurts is not a totally novelty idea. Do you remember Plum range of baby yogurts that used added herbs? What was it called: Botanics? It is sadly unavailable anymore as apparently there wasn't enough demand for it.

It was a clever approach on Provamel's part to introduce a range that combines "a radical fusion of natural herbal remedies muddled with delicious fruits". I have read about this range with great interest. I love herbal teas and believe in the herbal remedies too.
I was quite curious to try a new yogurt and I wasn't disappointed.

This is an inspired fusion of flavours. The yogurt is very creamy, has a warm colour and a very refreshing taste. The main note is the zesty orange, followed by a more delicate taste of redbush tea.
Redbush also known as Rooibos is famous for its high level of antioxidants, and is packed full with vitamins and minerals.
This yogurt reminded me of the Muller Amore/Orange yogurt but it has an added appeal of the redbush tea.

Some of the soya-based products on the market are rather insipid or bland. Provamel proves that soya-based products can be tasty. This range is a good news to anyone who is lactose-intolerant or has an allergy to the cows' milk-based protein

Provamel's new Orange and Redbush flavour yogurt is now available at RRP of £1.55 from most of the health food shops, both independent and major.

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