Thursday, 3 May 2012

Wake up and smell the Clipper tea! (review)

I am not properly awake in the morning until I had my first cup of tea.
Tea is my energy booster and my drink of choice. My kitchen can probably compete with the local tea shop, as there are boxes of tea everywhere. I have my favourites that have to be always available, but I also love to explore the new tastes and flavours.
I was delighted to receive an email from Clipper that I was chosen to be one of their Clipper Sippers of the month.
Fairtrade Everyday tea is the tea of the month.
"A refreshingly brisk, full-flavoured blend with a coppery golden colour, sourced from the finest Fairtrade estates in East Africa, India and Sri Lanka."

I am more of the flavoured teas' girl (I cannot function without my Earl Grey tea).
When we have a plumber or a builder in the house, and I offer them a cup of tea, they usually look with horror at my collection of teas and ask for a "normal" tea. I keep a box or two of "normal" tea for such occasions but don't usually drink it myself.

Now I don't have to compromise. Everyday Tea ticks off all the boxes. You can have it as strong or as light as you like, with milk or without.
I tried it plain, with honey, with milk, with a slice of lemon and a spoonful of sugar. The last option is my favourite.
Everyday tea is very refreshing and it works very well with the acidity of the lemon.
The colour is beautiful dark golden.

If you like the idea of tasting  new teas, you could also become a Clipper Sipper.
To become a Clipper Sipper, apply online.

Yippee, I'm one of the Clipper Sippers.
Having donned my gown and slippers,
Enjoying my first morning cup,
Everday tea and Twitter wake me up.
Everyday tea is a child of democracy -
Honest, refreshing, without hypocrisy.
Suitable both for the Queen and the plumber,
Infused with tranquility like the smile of Dalai Lama.
Be you a Duchess or a builder with biceps,
Come and join the Clipper Sippers.


  1. Love clipper tea! Favourite is the green tea :)

  2. Favourite is the green tea

  3. i had this as a sample the other week and once my current tea has all been drunk i will be buying this. i really enjoy a nice cup of tea in the mornings with my breakfast