Saturday, 5 May 2012

The nutmeggiest rice pudding (Tideford Organics Classic rice pudding review)

I have seen Tideford Organics rice pudding on the supermarket shelves before but bought it for the first time today, when our usual Rachel's Organic rice pudding wasn't avialable, and I didn't fancy any of the supermarket own varieties.

Eddie is the main consumer of rice puddings in the house, and I usually have a spoon or two if anything is left after he finished eating.
I was curious to see if he would realise the difference and whether he would agree to eat a new pudding.

He immediately spotted the difference and was a bit unsure if he liked it better than his usual rice pudding.

But after a few spoons he decided he actually liked it a lot and quickly finished it (I didn't do the mucky "after the meals" photo).
I also tried a couple of spoons. It s very creamy (in fact it is made with the organic double cream), has more bite in comparison to the other brands and has the most pronounced taste of nutmeg.
If someone served it to me in a ceramic dish, I would have never thought it wasn't a homemade rice pudding.
Fair to say, it doesn't have the crust of the homemade rice pudding, but the taste is absolutely authentic, the texture is very creamy and all the classic flavours are well balanced.
There are no additives and preservatives.

As an artist, I also want to add that I love their packaging designs. The little ink and watercolour paintings are lovely. I think they would look great on some promotional merchandise like the tea towels and aprons.

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