Friday, 4 May 2012

Things that make you go "Vroom" (Brio Classic Racing Car review)

Boys and their toys. Big or small, old or young, they just love cars. Well, some girls love them too.
At 21 months, Eddie is full of zest for life and loves exploring new things. Cars are one of his passions.
He can make a very good Vroom-Vroom or Nee-Nah of the fire engine.

Just look at this sleek black little vehicle! It has a great Zoom-factor, catch it if you can. If you have the wooden floors, it would zoom across the room in a second.

You can buy this Brio Classic Wooden Car is from the online nursery shop Hello Baby

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There is an eternal appeal in the old-fashioned wooden toys. They are tactile, fun, educational and imaginative. Tot's hands can easily grasp this toy to push around. 

"By pushing this toy around, your child will learn to coordinate their movements and to explore the world around them. The product is easy to grip for small hands and can be even used by children who cannot yet stand."

This wooden classic car is very sturdy and almost indestructible.

 Brio toys would make a perfect gift for any young child, and they come in attractive boxes too.
And if you are fed up of the easily broken plastic rubbish, then this wooden classic car might be just the toy you need for your tot.
It has a perfect design, looks stylish and modern, and is available in several colours. We received a black car for the review, but I am thinking of getting another one in a different colour so that we could do the car races together.

P.S. This Brio car was sent to us for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are mine (and Eddie's).


  1. This looks great :) my little man is also into cars, I love that they're wooden giving them an old fashioned feel, some of the plastic ones can look so tacky in their garish colours

  2. my son loves cars and i love wooden toys so this looks to be a win win situation :)