Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I am no longer an Abel & Cole virgin

I have been thinking of trying an organic food delivery from Abel & Cole for a long time and finally placed an order for a small gourmet box. I was quite curious as to what I was going to receive.
The box arrived promptly yesterday.
I set myself a task to cook several dishes and decide for myself whether it is worth continuing the scheme or not. You see, I am usually the type who inspects each piece of fruit or veg when buying, so for me having groceries delivered is a bit of a mental challenge.
I got: 1 aubergine, 2 sweet potatoes, 2 courgettes, 1 sweet pepper, two boxes of tomatoes, 5 red onions, an avocado and a box of shiitake mushrooms. So far so good, cannot fault the quality. All vegetables looked fresh.
First I decided to cook a Russian style aubergine ikra (see my recipe below, in a separate post). Sweet potatoes were roasted with the olive oil and a bit of cinnamon.
My experiment continues today, as I plan to do a beef stir fry with shiitake mushrooms. Will be adding to this post.
Update on 27/10/11
My husband commented that my blog is turning into a cooking blog. Perhaps I am spending too much time blogging about my recipes and food?
As someone mentioned my blog as "Chef Maximka" by mistake, and I giggled, as I can see why it might be an appropriate name.
Anyway, returning to our muttons, i.e. the contents of the organic box.
Yesterday's dinner was made using the shiitake mushrooms. I haven't followed any particular recipe, it is just an Oriental-themed dish, a stir fry with beef, shiitake mushrooms, a carrot, a sweet pepper and tinned pineapple. I also added a pouch of Hoisin Garlic sauce from Aldi and served with the egg noodles.
I slightly dusted the meat with the wholemeal flour before frying, and also added a dash of Mirin rice wine.

Now I have an avocado, a few onions and courgettes left. Not sure I have time to be very imaginative and creative, as I am again on my own this weekend with my guys, and that is a challenge enough.

Update from 28/10/11
A quick salad made from the avocado, iceberg lettuce, cashew nuts and Leerdammer cheese with a simple dressing of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Update 1 November 2011:
One more dish: pasta with courgettes and shrimps (as suggested by my friend Bloom), see the recipe here.

Tomatoes were eaten raw as snacks by Eddie, and I added a good amount of them to the soups.
Which means, all the vegetables have been eaten.
And now it is time to order another box.
I am looking forward to a new challenge.


  1. Nom nom! The salad looks very tasty indeed! I've been meaning to try Abel and Cole for a while. They look nice and fresh. :)