Sunday, 16 October 2011

Italian-style sandwich

It is not something authentic Italian, but inspired by Italy nevertheless and using fine Italian foods.
You will need
a ciabatta loaf, preferably the type that needs finishing in the oven
a chicken breast
rocket, a handful
pesto, about 2 tbsp
Cut the chicken breast into pieces and quickly fry them in the frying pan, adding olive oil, once cooked, stir in some pesto for an extra oomph.
In the meantime bake your ciabatta in the oven until the top is golden and crispy, but do not overcook.
Once ciabatta is done, cut it into 3 sections and then each section in halves. Please do not add mayo. I cannot understand the obsession of mass produced sandwich creators who add mayo everywhere, even if it does not work with the other ingredients.
Put some rocket leaves on the lower part of ciabatta, add chicken, prosciutto and cover with the top part. Eat with olives.


  1. That looks absolutely delicious - maybe a touch too exotic for the Co-op? I would give the prosciutto aquick sizzle in the pan with thechicken - much as I love the flavour, the texture of uncooked ham makes me gag :o(

  2. I suppose it would not be easy to manufacture, they probably need something that isn't a problem for packing etc, but I wasn't thrilled to see a Cumberland sausage sandwich with onions, as I have seen this sandwich produced by the other supermarkets. Never mind. I voted for the focaccia sandwich, which is also Italy-inspired. Personally I find focaccia too rich for sandwiches, as it often has toppings already, and it is often a meal in itself. But I will keep an eye on the comp, quite curious to see the overall winner.