Friday, 28 October 2011

Spooky Cookies: Dr Oetker Hallowe'en Bat Cookie Kit (review)

We are baking cookies for two days in a row. Today it's the turn of Dr Oetker Hallowe'en Bat Cookie Kit that I bought a few days ago. The kit contains a cookie mix, a bat cookie cutter and a tube of black Writing Icing for decorating. All you need to add is 85g of butter. The kit says you will get 6 cookies, we managed to do 8. As there is only a black icing tube included in the kit, I added a bit of colour from a different set of Writing Icing. The Evil Witch was decorated with Dr Oetker Coloured Ready to Roll Icing. The icing pen needs a steady hand for squeezing the icing in a neat line, not an easy job when an inquisitive toddler tries to grab the icing pen from your hand. Coloured Ready to Roll icing is very easy to work with.


  1. :0)))

    Brilliant. Wish I'd have been there too.

  2. They look like a lot of fun & hopefully very tasty too! ;0)