Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Enjoying the macarooniest taste: Mrs Crimble's Macaroons (review)

Back in early September a big surprise parcel arrived, full of Mrs Crimble's goodies. It was a prize, but I must have entered the competition on the auto-pilot, as I had no recollection of where or when I did it, and there was no note attached to help me.
We have been enjoying Mrs Crimble's fruit cakes and rice cakes, but this hamper proved to be a discovery box. There were lovely rice cakes, coated with chocolate and yogurt that I haven't seen anywhere before. Once sampled, I had to find them, and it took me a few trips to several supermarkets and health shops to find which ones sell them. They are very handy to carry, when we are out, to keep Eddie's hunger at bay and also to keep him happy when I do my grocery shopping.
Now, there are macaroons and there are macaroons, they might go terribly wrong and be as dry as sawdust. However, Mrs Crimble's macaroons which come in two varieties - chocolate and cranberry - are very moist, coconutty (is that a word? :)) and chewy.
They are also gluten free and wheat free, and are lovely to entertain guests who are on a gluten free diet.
While Eddie prefers the chocolate variety, I am partial to the cranberry macaroons.

To see the whole range of products go to Mrs Crimble's

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