Monday, 17 October 2011

Anyone ready for a chocolate boost? (giveaway CLOSED)

As I was doing some boring grocery shopping in town, I passed by the Thorntons shop and was easily swayed to have a look inside. It doesn't take much persuasion for me to buy chocolate. So, I bought some for myself and some for you.

If like me, you do not need a reason or excuse to have a rendezvous with a chocolate bar, you are welcome to enter my little giveaway.
A winner will get 3 bars: Milk Chocolate with Strawberry, Dark Chocolate with Apricot and Bakewell tart milk chocolate (Limited Edition).
To enter:
1. Please tell me what you like about autumn.
My favourite thing about autumn is the Indian summer, when the days are warm without being hot. Plus being a practical being verging on romantic, I love picking fruit from the trees. So does my little man, but that's another story.
2. Please leave a comment on one of my other posts as well. I love reading comments, and it will be my pleasure to see what you think about my ramblings.

You do not have to follow my blog to enter the giveaway. I do not believe in following blogs just for the sake of entering comps, and then quickly unfollowing as soon as the comp is done and dusted.
However, if you choose to follow my blog, I will be delighted and will "wag my tail" with joy. :)
On 1 November 2011 I will pick a winner.
If you do not have a blog, please leave me some means of contacting you if you win, a Twitter name, or forum name (then let me know which forum it is, as I belong to quite a few).
Good luck! And I hope you will like my selection of chocolate, I was choosing the chocs that have little bits and different flavours. Also I thought the colours of the packaging look nice together.
Now all I need is to hide the chocolate away before someone is tempted.


The chocolate giveaway is now closed. All names went into a hat, and Eddie has picked a name.
And the winner of the chocolate giveaway is......... Shaheen. Congratulations, I am going to email you!

Many thanks to everyone who posted their comments, I enjoyed reading them.
Please do not be disappointed. And watch this space, in a matter of days I am going to announce a new pre-Christmas giveaway. A little hint: it will be Italian and for foodies.


  1. Well it just has to be the colours of the leaves - I absolutely adore the richness of the reds, greens, golds, browns, coppers,yellows, oranges and pinks. A myriad of different hues all around our Welsh mountains and valleys (and of course great fun to kick through when they have fallen LOL)

  2. ... and I forgot to add Galina that this is a lovely give away - and quite autumnal colour chocolate wrappers too :-)

  3. They look very yummy, thanks for being so thoughtful Galina! I always go for the 'taste award' items and they are usually spot on and delicious.

    I love the cool mornings in the Autumn and the way 'our' spot by the sea is once again deserted and peaceful.

  4. OOOOO new taste chocolate!!! yes please!! These look delicious thank you for thinking of us!


    I love how the sun shines through the ever changing leaves on the trees as it does with stained glass. I enjoy discovering conkers, which, even now at nearly 50, I pick up and put in my pocket! The smell of the earth in the early morning, the crunching sound underfoot. As I get older I'm finding autumn a very thought provoking month as for me it signifies more and more the winding down of yet another year.

    There is also that 'yesssssss' factor when the season reminds me that I will never have to suffer miles of cross country running or cold cold hockey games in a mini skirt getting my ankles smashed in with a big wooden stick as I used to in my school days.

    Isn't it strange that what once a season of dread in my teens is now the month I find the most beautiful....made even more beautiful with a mitt full of chocolate I imagine lol ;o)

  5. There is so much to like about Autumn.
    The rainbow of colours changing on the trees and shrubs.
    Making lovely warming stews and stoggy puddings. I also love any excuse to have hot chocolate with marshmallows.

    Oh dear thats alot of food related good points :)


  6. Autumn to me means, waking to a bright sunlight morning and seeing a white frost on the ground. I like to wrap up warm in lots of light fleece layers & go out to the park with my camera. Just hearing the crunch of the fallen leaves & seeing all the glorious autumnal gold & red colours makes my heart beat fast & I feel warm inside. I love to walk until I'm chilled then go home to a warming mug of hot cocoa.

  7. I got some of these Thorntons chocolate blocks for my birthday - so don't enter me for the competition - they are good, though! My favourites were the antioxidant berry boost and the ginger.

  8. They sound great, please include me! @ashlallan

  9. I am so slow on the uptake! First I didn't recognise you on Twitter, then I didn't know you had a blog, and then I didn't realise you were a foodie like me as well as a comper and a crafter. I'll go and slap my own wrist and tell myself to pay more attention in future, then I'll comment on some of your other posts. in fact you'll probably get tired of comments from me.....

  10. ... and I got so would up that I forgot to tell you my favourite thing about Autumn. It's hard to choose a favourite bit of my favourite season, with the beautiful coloured leaves, chestnuts to gather and cook, lovely Brussels Sprouts coming into season and the first frosts making the garden sparkle, but for me it has to be the smell of a thick carpet of fallen leaves on the ground - it takes me back to childhood holidays in the Lake District.

  11. What woman would turn down chocolate? lol

    My favourite thing about autumn is the turning of the leaves. It very much reminds me of home (living in New England).

    Thanks for the chance!

  12. i love the rich colours on the trees and jumping through them with my little boy. xx

  13. I love kicking the fallen leaves

    Commented on: Apple Tart


  14. I love Autumn but it always seems to vanish as fast as it has begun. I love the colour changes of the trees and how it slowly gets colder and darker earlier. @stralisemiai

  15. I love Autumn not only because it's time for my birthday but I get to watch leaves and conkers fall from the trees :) cant wait for mine to be old enough to have cheeky conker fights with me! @MeTheManAndBaby

  16. I love autumn because the weather is changing and is time to prepare for Christmas.Lovely.

  17. yummy!

    cant beat a bit of leaf and conker painting with the kids


  18. I love the dark nights....When I can just shut the curtains early and get all cosy & warm with the kids..A great exscuse the have hot chocolate too :)

  19. I commented on Whoop-whoop-whoopie pies (Betty Crocker Whoopie Pie mix review)!! YUMMY!!

  20. Autumn is my fav season. It's getting cooler, get's darker earlier, and to me, feels very romantic. I like lighting candles and getting cosy on the sofa with my man.

    Lovely comp :)

  21. I commented over on your "Able and Cole" post :)



  22. I love the colours of Autumn. I live next to a country park and I seem to notice different colours every day.

  23. The first time I out the fire on and crunchy leaves on the floor :)

  24. I love scrunching about in the autumn leaves with my kids.

  25. Oh How Did I miss this post - if your giving away chocolate I must enter, my husband loves the stuff - so I am entering for him.

    Autumn is my favourite season - like many of the previous comments, I just love the colour. I love kicking the dry autumnal leaves in parks, except in Scotland where sometimes the leaves are soggy with heavy downpour :(

    PS I am so glad you have not made it a requirement to become a follower of your blog to enter the comp. People should let following be their personal choice, i think. Also as you pointed out some people will unfollow too.