Monday, 3 October 2011

Raspberry vinegar (Nigel Slater's recipe)

Every Sunday I go out to the corner shop to treat myself to a new issue of The Observer to have my weekly fix of Nigel Slater's recipes. He is a genius. His recipes make sense and work beautifully.
The recipe for rasberry vinegar appeared on 28.08.11.
"Fashionable in the 1980s, fruit vinegars such as raspberry are finding new friends as we learn to use them with discretion. They make a brightly flavoured dressing for salad leaves but are useful elsewhere, too.

The recipe

I have used Nigel Slater's recipe, but have retold it in my own words.
You will need 450g of raspberries. Mash them with a fork in a stainless steel bowl. Pour 450ml of white wine vinegar, cover and let it infuse for at least two days, stirring the berries occasionally.

Drain the mash through a fine muslin or fine sieve, just let the juice drip for a few hours, without squeezing the mash, so that the juice runs clear.
Pour the juice in a stainless steel pan with 80g of sugar, bring to boil, then lower the heat and simmer for about 10 minutes. remove any foam with a spoon.
Once cooled, pour into a sterilized bottle. Leave it for a couple of weeks before you start using it.
If stored in a cool dark place, it could be kept up to a year.

Nigel warns never to use the aluminium containers as they would react with the vinegar.
He also gives ideas on how to use it: pour over vanilla ice cream or use to deglaze cooking pans after sauteing the lamb or liver. Top up the lemonade drinks, us in salad dressings.

It was a lovely vinegar, which we mostly used in salad dressings, great with spinach mixed salads.

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